The Bentley Family

John Henry Bentley, born in King City north of Toronto in 1873, went to Wyoming in 1893 to be a cowboy on a ranch. While there, he met and married Edith Martindale, a young woman born in Lancashire in 1881 and who had come to live in Wyoming with her family in 1890 as part of the immigration of Mormon converts to the USA. Following their marriage and the birth of their first child, they moved to Toronto in 1900, then to the Cochrane area of the Northern Claybelt in 1913, where they raised a family of 10 children in the pioneer days of the north.

This is their story, the story of their children and also some background and the ancestry of the family.

Samuel Brimelow and the Battle of Waterloo                      The Fort on the Island of Corfu                        William Bentley and the Battle of Taku Forts
Castle in Kent, England              Lenham, Kent                               Borden, Kent                                 King City, Ontario                   Cotton Mills, Lancashire

      Slaters in Lancashire                 Locksmiths in Lancashire                 Carpenters in Kent                         Tailors in Lancashire              Cowboys in Wyoming

    S. S. Umbria                               Farming Cochrane, Ont.                  Sheep, Cochrane, Ont.               Dog Team, Ontario                   RCAF and WW2


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