Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: January 16, 2012

LDS Film: 106211


CANNON, Ann    1718 Mau       A    11   0106211


Will of Ann Cannon alias Looney 1718     Maughold

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                     Maughold 1718

This is affirmed to be ye last will & Testament of Ann Cannon

alias Looney of Ramsey who departed this life abt the fifth ----

last being sick in Body but of perfect mind and memory ----


She Committed her Soul to God Almighty who gave it and

her Body to Christian Buriall. Item She left unto her [Cosin]

Catrin Looneys Daughter two petticoats viz a black one and a

red one. Itt: She left to Mrs. Williams of Ramsey a white

blankett Itt: She left unto Margrett Martin an apron and

waiscote Itt: She bequeathed to her two sons John & Edward

who are both abroad thee pounds each of them provided they

would come for it & in case yt one of them should dye &

the other come for it that he was to have ye whole six

pounds. Itt: She left unto ye wittnesses of the Will each of them

a mutton which were at Cottinghams in KK Maughold Lastly She

constituted and apointed her Son Phillip Cannon whole executr

of all ye rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable wtsoever

She declared at making her will that Wm Cowle of Maugor=

=ecaine in KK Maughold was owing for twenty Shills; she also

declared that Marjery Christian of Ramsey owed her twenty Shills

more; she declared that Edmond Martin was behind with her for

fourteen pottles of Mault in the price of a Coult yt she sold him

she further declared that she lent ye sd Martin seven pottles more

wch he was in neccessity afterwords; She declared that she lent Jon

Moore of Ramsey three shills & six pence.


                                    jurati    { John Christian X

                                              { William Martin X

                                    The Exr Sworn in Court in form

                                    of Law

                                         Probatum est & Solvit 1s


          Pledges in form of Law are ye Wintesses of ye Will

          & ye Exr has in Court given counter Security to [pt]

          ye house & Garden for ye 6 lb left in ye Will to her

          two sons, John & Edwd