Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: October 29, 2012

LDS Film: 106374


CANNON, Thomas 1735-3    Onc       E    d    0106374


Decree of Thomas Cannon  1735-3     Onchan


          At a Chapter Court held at Douglas

          March 15. 1735

ThoÕs Cannon departed this Life abÕt the 20th of

Jan. Feb: anno supradict Intestate, whereupon the

only child not provided for, ie RobÕt Cannon is Decreed

Sole AdmÕr of all his Goods & effects whatsoever

The sÕd RobÕt being abroad sevÕl years, his brother

WillÕm Cannon is sworn AdmÕr in Trust, & hath given

pledges – Mr. Wm Oates, & John Quay of Douglas----


               Decretum est


Solvit 2s=4d         Johan: Woods

                     Joh: Cosnahan


March ye 9th 1735  KK Conchan-------

An account & price of the Goods of Tho: Cannon by--------

Sumner are as follows.

To half a part of a hay stack                           0=12=6

To the account of Wm Cannon gave us of the corn    }

at five pence pÕr stook is                         }    0=17=2

To two old coverlets and an old wooden bowl              0=1=0

To four sheep                                            0=5=0




John Gell his mark X

Wm Killey his mark X

Tho. Moor his mark X

Edward Christian          memÕd more is to be added


               KK Conchan 1735=6

The above Names are Subscribed

being Sworn Charged by vertu of the


RevernÕd Mr. John Cosnahan Veice ^ [to here]


in the Suit of Isable Cannon ^ to value

and appraise a Quarter of the Crop of

corn & hay of Balla[crink] in the parish of

KK Conchan as followeth. The Barley at

twelve pence p. Stock Stouck, the Oates

at five pence p. Stouck, the Hay at Eight

shillings p. Daymonth, the Quarter part being

two Daymonths. this we value and appra-

=ise as above mentionÕd; & this we return

for our AnswÕr OctoÕr 19, 1736


--t Douglas 19th OctoÕr 1736   }         Edward Christon

--iven in by the Appraisers    }         John Gell my mrk X

                                         John Quine my mrk X

                                         ThoÕs Moor my mrk X



  At St. JohnÕs Chapel, NovÕr 3. 1736

[Wm] Canon declares that the Number of

the Stooks was – In barley = 65 Stooks

In Oates – 5 Score