Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: February 20, 2012

LDS Film: 106385


CANNON, John   1760-3    Onc       E    w    0106385


Will of John Cannon 1760-3    Onchan


                     KK Onchan

This is affirmÕd to be the Last Will & testament

of John Cannon of the parish of KK Conchan

he being in perfect mind & memory at the making

thereof. First he Committ his Soul to god and his

Body to a Christian Burial.

Item he Left to his Daughter Alice three shillings

Item he Left to his two Gransones John Cannon and

John Corkill a Shee lamb then he left

Six pence Legacy to any person that could

claim a right to any of his Effects, and Lastly he

apointed his Loving wife Ellinor Cannon to be

whole ExtÕx of the Rest of his effects movable and

unmovable, whatsoever. And if it is Gods will

that Shee dies afore me I apoint James Cannon

my Son to be whole ExtÕr as aforesÕd as witness

my hand to my Name this 10th day of January 1756

Witnesses Present

Wm Cottyman my mark A     }         John Cannon my mark X

Matthias Bancks           { jurati


Know all men by these presents that I Ellinor

Cannon als Cannell of the parish of KK Conchan

being old and feeble and not able to travel

and as I am Left ExtÕr to the within will by

husband John Cannon, I do now Resign and

give over all my Right and tytle to the

within will unto my Son James Cannon, and

I do bind my self my hiers ExtÕrs AdmÕs and

assigns in the penalty of twenty pounds as

witness my hand to my name this 3th Day of

NovÕber 1760              Ellinor Cannon my mark X

Witnesses present

Wm Cottyman my mark X

Matthias Bancks


At a Chapter Court holden in Douglas NovÕr 3d 1760

Wm Cottiman & MatthÕs Bancks having proved

in form of Law that the above Resignation was

signed & duly executed by EllenÕr Cannon

James Cannon the Son is thereupon sworn ExecÕr of the

within Will in form of Law & has given

pledges for Payment of Debts & Legacies


Matth. Bancks & Wm Cottiman the witnesses of

the will

Solvit 12d           Probatum est

                          MatthÕs Curghey