Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: December 7, 2012

LDS Film: 106390


CLAGUE, Ann    1769-3    Lon  KILLEY    E    d    0106390


Decree of Ann Clague alias Killey  1769-3     Lonan


          KK Lonan       At a Chapter Court holden at

                          Douglas OctoÕr 23. 1769


Anne Clague als Killey departed this Life on or

about the 25th day of April last Intestate. The Court

upon Intelligence thereof Decrees her three Children

namely WillÕm MargÕt & Anne Clague joint AdminÕrs

of all her Goods & Chattels whatsoever; who being all

under age John Killey their Uncle by the MotherÕs side

is sworn Supervisor & by his consent the DeadÕs part

of the Children & their Goods is committed to the

Tuition of ThoÕs Clague their father who wÕth sÕd Supervisor

is sworn to bring a perfect Inventory to the Registry –

the sÕd ThoÕs Clague is also sworn for paymÕt of the IntestateÕs

Debts, to which end & for forthcoming of the ChildrenÕs

Goods he hath given Pledges in form of Law namely

John Killey aforesÕd & Wm Clague both of KK Lonan

Solv: 3s             Decretum est


                          Ja: Wilks

                          John Moore


Transcribers Note: A detailed inventory follows along with

funeral expenses.


We William Clague and ThoÕs Kneal husband of

Anne Clague of the Children of Ann Clague

decÕd do acknowledge to have received from Ann Clague

Wife of ThoÕs Clague the sum of Thirty seven pounds

and Ō--------Ō half penney Ō-------------Ō respectively

being our respective shares of the Goods and Effects

of our said Mother & do hereby exonerate

acquit and discharge the sÕd Jane Clague and

every other Person of the same and every part

thereof – Witness our hands this sÕd day of October


                     William Clague

                     ThoÕs Kneal

Before me

     John [Crellin]

               Ep. RegÕr


Transcribers Note: A double check confirms the name

Jane Clague as being discharged for the amount, although

the body of the paragraph indicates Ann Clague as dispensing

the same.


21 OctÕr 1790

I do acknowledge to have recÕd from ThoÕs Clague

the father and Supervisor of my wife Margaret

Clague als Callister all the money and Goods

that fell due to my said wife under the Adminis-

-tration of her mother Anne Clague decÕd and I do

hereby exonerate acquit and discharge the

sÕd Thomas Clague his ExÕrs AdminÕs and

Assigns of the same – Witness my mark affixed

to my name the day and year above written

                     Philip Callister my mk X

Before me

     John Crellin

               Ep. RegÕr