Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: May 1, 2012

LDS Film: 106210


CLAGUE, Ellinor 1713 Maughold       A    57   0106210


Will of Ellinor Clague 1713    Maughold

(Note: This Will does not appear on the Main List)


               December ye 1 1713/4

This is affirmed to be ye Last Will & Testament of Ellin

Clayge who Departed this Life ye 1st of December 1713

Imp’s She Comitted her Soul to god & her body to Christian

Buriall. It. To Mally Lowny her [Hud] It. To Anne Sayle

a peticoat & a suite of Linnen. It. To Ellin Caine

a peticoat & a shift, & a suite of Linnen with a Little

Spining wheel. And all ye rest of her goods & Chattells

to Elizabeth Curlett & Isabell Kerrish and Nominated

them her whole & Sole Executors


Will Kerrish   }              One of ye Witnesses being Hus

Mally Lowny    } jurati       Husband to one of Exec’rs viz’t

                               Isabel Kerrish, the next of

                               kindred are decreed Adm’rs

                               to ye one half ye Executorship

                               And ye other Exec’r is Sworn

                               in Court in form of Law.


                               Probatum est & Solvit 12d


               Pledges Rob’t Kerrish & John



Attached Note: Let this be annex’d to Ellin’r Clague’s Will

in the Archdeacon’s Registry.

                               W. Walker


               Ballaugh Feb. 20th 1713

Ellin’r Clague of KK Maughold having no-

=minated Elizabeth Christian & Isabel Christian

Ex’xs of her last Will, the right of Eliz. Xtian

to the one half of the Ex’rship was declared to

be good in Law, the next of kin to ye Dec’dt

making no opposition, & the s’d Elizabeth was

thereupon sworn Ex’x of the s’d half at ye last

Court at KK Christ;       But Isabel

Christian the other Ex’x being adjudg’d to have

no right to the other half of the goods, in re=

=gard her husband was one of the Witnesses to

the Will.


     Therefore of the s’d latter half of

the Deced’ts goods & chattels, the next Relations

are decreed joint Adm’rs viz’t John & Ellin’r

Cain, Wm Paul Christin & Anne Clague, &

Phiip, Jo’n & Marg’t Cannell, two of

whom, ie John Cain & Paul Clague are

sworn in form of Law, & have given pledges

to make a just division w’th the other Adm’rs

to pay all just debts, John Cain of KK Mi=

=chael & Pat. Clark of Ballaugh.


Salvo tamen uni=

=cuigue suo jure.         Decretum est & Solvit