Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: October 21, 2012

LDS Film: 106218


CLAGUE, Isabel 1744-2    Lon       A    39   0106218


Will of Isabel Clague  1744-2       Lonan



This is affirmed to be the last will and testament

of Isabell Clauge of Agneash in KK Lonnan, who

departed this life 26th of JanŐry last

^ being in perfect mind and memory at the

making thereof, She committed her Soul to God and

her body to Christian buriall and as for her

worldly goods she bequeathed them as follŐs


She left to her daughter Mary Clauge a black

Bock or Gelding and the Rest of the horses she left

them between her sons Finloe and RobŐt Clauge

She left to her grandchild MargŐt Looney two sheep

and then nominated, constituted, and appointed

her Son RobŐt and Daughter Mary Joint Exect

Executors of all the Rest of her goods, moveable

and immoveable and 6d legacy to any other

that wouŐd claim a right to her goods

Witnesses present

RobŐt Lewny                    }

Jane [David] als Karran X } jurati


          Mary one of the ExecŐrs being absent

          RobŐt is sworn in Court in form of Law

          and has given pledges vizŐt RobŐt Lowney

          & Ň---------Ň

Solvit 12d           Probatum est


                          Joh: Cosnahan

                          Edw: Moore