Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: September 10, 2012

LDS Film: 106372


CLAGUE, Finlo  1729-2    Lon       E    w    0106372


Will of Finlo Clague  1729-2  Lonan



The last will and Testament of Finlow Claige of KK Lonnan

who departed this life about the 16th of August 1729 is in

manner as followeth.

First he being very weak in body, but of perfect good mind and

memory bequeathed his Soul to Almighty God and his body to the

Earth and to be buried after a decent Christian manner, and as

for his worldly Effects he bequeathed them in the following manner.

Imprimis he bequeathed unto his Eldest son Finlow Claige all his

part of the Crop of all kinds whatsoever, his part of the Team and all

his part of the Husbandry Gears, and the Middlemost or second

Iron [pott] Item he bequeathed unto his son Robert Claige half of

an Heifer. Item he bequeathed unto his Grandson Thomas Looney

0ne sheep. Item he ordered that the poor of the parish should have

two sheep distributed among them at Christmas with some meal,

and lastly he Constituted and ordained his beloved wife Isable Claige

whole and Sole Executor of all the rest of his Effects moveable and

immoveable, and in Case any person should Claim right to any of

his Effects he cut them of with six pence Legacy. Item he ordered his

Execr to pay the witnesses six pence apiece. This we affirm to be

the last will and Testament of the above Finlow Claige, witness our

hand this 3d day of November 1729


Witnesses present

Gilbert [Kneen] my X mark}

Margaret Quine my X mark  } jurati


The Exx sick & her son Phinlo Clague

is Sworn in her behalf, & gave in

Pledges Nich. Kinish & Wm Fairbrother

Probatu est & Solvit 1s