Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: May 24, 2012

LDS Film: 106210


KISSACK, Edward 1716 Mau       A    70  0106210


Will of Edward Kissack  1716  Maughold


          Maughold 1716

This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Edward Kissag------

=hold who departed this life about the 8th of April 1716; being of per---

=ry; first committing his Soul to God, and his body to Christian burial.

Itm He left in Legacy to William Kisag junior of Douglas, his House, & Croft & -----

his Household goods; & a Cow; and that in case he should dispose of the House & Croft

by selling; sayle; or morgage; or otherwise; Tho Creer of KK Maughold shall have the first ---

proffer of them; Itm: to Will Kisag senÕr of Douglas, a cow in Legacy; in the keeping of

Ewan Kerruish; Itm: to my sister JaneÕs eldest Daughter, in Legacy, my half of the

Heifer, that I gave them or the halves; Itm: to David Kisag of Douglas, in Legacy, one

Cow in ye keeping of Tho: Corkan, of KK Christ Lezaire; & half a steer with ye sÕd Corkan

Itm: To John Kisag, a shill in Legacy, which is due to me from Widdow Kisag of KK

Andreas; & do allow him, what is due to me from him; Itm: To Margrett Cannan

in Legacy, three shillings; & to Jony Cannan, 2 shill in Legacy; Itm to Ewam Ker=

=uish in Legacy; my Right of the [Lin-] Land; a bowle of placket, that I lent him

in the hands of Wm Callow; the sÕd Ewan Kerruish paying for corne, that was [secure]

in ye sÕd [LiniÕd] Land, this year: Itm: To his two sisters, Jane & Averick; six pence apiece

in Legacy, & also, if any of his Relations, should claime a Right to any of his goods,

He cuts them off, with six pence Legacy; Itm: to ye two Witnesses, one shilling to

Each; He likewise declarÕd in his Will, that he was Indepted to no Man, save only

for that boat, that he bought; & likewise that ye undernamed persons, owe him

as follows---


Witnesses }Tho: Creer his x}      

to the Will}Wm. Karran his x} Jur.

                          from Robert Callow ballefale        1=16=0

                          from Jony Callow & Mary her sister  8=0=0

                          from Wm Callow son to Robert        0=10=0

                          from EdwÕd Mihud KK Xt              1=00=0

                          from Widdow Kisag KK Andreas        0=08=0

                          from JoÕn Callow Quaker             5=00=0

                          from Wm: junÕr of ballagilley       0=10=0

                          from John Fox Ramsey           0=04=0

                          from John Xtian KK Xt               0=03=0

                          from John Blackburn for Corn        0=03

                          from Phill Kinread Glen Moar        1=00=0

                          Half a steer with Dan Lowey

                          Half a Heifer with Wm Callow

                          7 dales with Mary Callow out of which my coffin

                          is to be made

                          a planket in the Custody of his sister Jane


In regard Ewan Keruish

alledged that the TestatÕr

alterÕd his Will with respect to

the House & Croft above men=

tionÕd, the Court wouÕd have pro=

     to the Examination

ceeded ^ of the Witnesses & otherÕs

Ō---Ō yÕt heard, but that the sÕd

Ewan & his wife Jane on the

one part, & the ExÕr on the

other have unaminously agreed

to end the Differences, which is done in Court viz: The Ō----Ō

sÕd EwanÕs daughter MargÕt Kerruish is to have the said House & Croft Ō—Ō

Ō---ever to her own proper use, paying the ExÕr for all his Right

& title to the same, fifteen shillÕs – to wÕch AgreemÕt Ō----Ō

parties have bound themselves in penalty of 5 lb. in the nature

of all fines – Note, yÕt if the Inventory fall short in Ō----Ō



Transcribers Note; The above paragraph has been partly cut off and eroded on both sides of the page.


Ō-----Ō House & Garden Croft are to be liable Ō---Ō

Ō-----Ō as other Legacies, & in yÕt case there is Ō---Ō

Ō-----Ō an [Abatement] out of the 15 sh accordingly.


     The ExÕr Sworn in Court in form

     of Law

                     Probatum est & Solvit

Pledges, Capt. Wattleworth & EdmÕd Kneen


The Inventory within 40 days

4 June 1716 Jo: Costeen enters agÕt the ExÕr

of EdwÕd Kissag for 7s & craves the


10th July 1716 Captain Nich. Christian SenÕr of Ramsey enters a claim

agÕt ye ExÕrs of Edward Kissag for 7lb & craves ye Law

E 10th July 1716 Captain Nich: Christian SenÕr of Ramsey enters his claim

agÕt ye ExÕrs of EdwÕd Kissag for 2 lb 18s & craves ye Law

14th September 1716 CaptÕn Nich: Christian junÕr of Ramsey

enters his claim agÕt ye ExÕrs of EdwÕd Kissag for six lb. 10s

& craves ye Law.



          KK Andreas March 11 1716

Wm Kissack ExecÕr to Edward Kissack Miller does

hereby acknowledge to have recÕd the sum of fifteen

shillings from Ewan KerruishÕs wife of KK Maughold

which was agreed upon in writing annexed to

to ye Will of the sÕd Edward Kissack, for an House

& Croft therein mentioned: And he does acquit

& discharge the sÕd Ewan KerruishÕs wife & her ExecÕrs

for the same. As witness his mark to his name.

Before us                 Wm. KissackÕs mrk X

Sam. Wattleworth

Wm Walker

Cha: Wattleworth