One of the wonders of life is that two individuals, such as Edith and I, are the only two people in all the world who share the same gene pool. We are unique. We are also fortunate to have had loving parents who descended from loving families. 
We had 29 aunts and uncles and almost 50 first cousins. We are proud of our heritage and of our Ancestry.

Our story began with the marriage of James Bolton Smith and Edith Patricia Bentley in Cochrane, Ontario.

The Ancestry of  Jim  and  Edith Smith

James B. Smith

Canada 1910

Edith Pat Bentley

Canada 1913

James B. Smith

Isle of Man, 1875

Ruth A. Stephen

Isle of Man, 1877

John H. Bentley

Canada 1873

Edith Martindale

Lancashire, 1881

James B. Smith

Lancashire, 1841

Elizabeth Brew

Isle of Man, 1843

Thomas Stephen

Isle of Man, 1850

Ann Jane Lace

Lancashire, 1854

Ann James

Lancashire, 1829

Thomas Lace

Isle of Man, 1826

William Bentley

Kent, 1832

Mary Alice Young

Lancashire, 1864

Louisa Funnell

Kent, 1845

Alice Brimelaw

Lancashire, 1840

Joseph Young

Lancashire, 1841

Henry Martindale

Lancashire, 1863

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Ancestors who served in defense of our Country

William Bentley and the Opium Wars

Samuel Brimelow and the Battle of Waterloo

John Lace and the Battle of Trafalgar

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