ANN  CLAGUE  -  1683

Submitted by: Joyce  OATES

        Date: August 4, 2015

    Original: LDS : 0106204


 Archdeacon Will 1683A #35 Santan will of Ann Clague, died 8 January 

1683/4, a pauper:

Summary:  mentioned without relationship: Jane Cannell, Jane Clague, & 

Robert Caine as executor;  witnesses: Gilbert Moore & Hugh Callow

Anne Cloag Departed this life the 8 of January ----[dark]    

In the name of God Amen, I Anne Cloag sick & weake in body but wh--[dark]    

& perfect in memory praysed be God doe this my last will and 

testement as faloweth,  first shee commited her soule to God and 

her body to Christian Buryall 

Impr: Itm: Shee left to Jane Canall 6d legasie,  Itt: She left to 

Jane Cloage one wascoat as Legasie.  I doe apoint and ordaine 

Robt: Caine sole executor of all the rest of my good movable 

and unmovable whatsoever

ttestes Gilbt: Moor

Hugh Calow

The Inventor of the goods of Anne Cloage praysed by 4 

sworn men viz Gilbt Moor, Tho: Kinley, Cha Keig & 

Hugh Keenish, the sd Inventory amounts in the gros 

3s whereof paid for her Burying 1s and the Churchwardens 

doth require one shiling more because she was 

Buryed in the Church longe of the prost 4d to the Sumnr: 

and her funerall charges is yet unpaid which Robt Caine 

disburst when she died besid the writting of this will 

& Inventory

The minister & witnesses have declared in Court yt she is pauper