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Grandfather James B. Smith born

1875 Peel and Sister Amanda also born1879 Peel

The Town and port of Laxey, Parish of Lonan, home to my Brew and related family ancestors.

Farm buildings at Kerrowdhoo farm in Bride, The ancestral home of the Lace family first recorded here in 1485

My father’s parents were both born on the Isle of Man. My grandmother’s Manx heritage came from both sides with names like Stephen, Lace, Brew, Kerruish. Virtually all of them were born on the North of the Island from Maughold around to Jurby.

My Grandfather had an English father and a Manx mother, Elizabeth Brew born in Lonan in 1845 with Manx ancestry going back centuries with names like Cowin, Stole, Skillicorn, Curghey, Corkill, etc.   Virtually all of them were born in Lonan, Onchan and Santan.

They immigrated to Canada in 1907 and most of their children were born here, including my father. I grew up with both of them, just lovely gentle and honest people; my Grandfather a quiet checker playing man, my Grandmother full of stories and tales of the Isle of Man, and a mid-wife to hundreds of ladies in northern Canada where doctors were few and far between.

My interest in my Manx Ancestry began as a child, but I did not pursue it until later in life, and in particular following a trip to the island with my own family in 1973. My research started in 1995, aided greatly by Brian Lawson, who lived very
close by, and assistance from many others still active.

I am not sure where this website is going, but plan to share what I have discovered about the island with others of similar interests, stay tuned.
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