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ADDI MARY FILE Mary Addi 1741.1 Alias Curghey - Hus. John Addi German
ADDISON CHRISTIAN FILE Christian Addison 1768.2 Lezayre
ADDISON MATTHIAS FILE Matthias Addison 1748.1 Wife Christian Lezayre
ALLEN CATHERINE FILE Catherine Allen 1797 Hus. Richard Lezayre
ALLEN JANE FILE Jane Allen 1747.1 Alias Stevenson -Hus. Henry Allen Maughold
ALLEN JANE FILE Jane Allen 1784.2 spinster Maughold
ALLEN SAMUEL FILE Samuel Allen 1749.1 Maughold
ALLEN THOMAS FILE Thomas Allen 1750.3 Maughold
ALLEN THOMAS FILE Thomas Allen 1754.2 Wife Mary Maughold
ALLEN THOMAS FILE Thomas Allen 1800 Andreas
ARCHER JANE FILE Jane Archer 1796.1 Alias Faragher - Hus. Robert Onchan
ARCHIBALD GEORGE FILE George Archibald 1797.2 German
ARCHIBALD JOHN FILE John Archibald 1795.1 Wife Margaret German
ARTHUR ANN FILE Ann Arthur 1744.1 Alias Karran Marown
ATKINSON CATHERINE FILE Catherine Atkinson 1661 Alias Clark Lonan
ATKINSON WILLIAM FILESUM William Atkinson 1784.1 German
AUDLEY SAMUEL FILE Samuel Audley 1762.1 Maughold
BACON ELIZABETH FILE Elizabeth Bacon 1744.2 Alias Christian Maughold
BAILEY ELIZABETH FILESUM Elizabeth Baily 1762.2 Alias Crow - Hus. John Baily Maughold
BAILEY ELLINOR FILE Ellinor Bailey 1794.2 Alias Quilleish alias Killey Maughold
BAILEY ESTHER FILE Esther Kneale 1725 Alias Kneale alias Martin _Hus. Thomas Baily Maughold
BAILEY JOHN FILE John Bailey 1797.1 Maughold
BANKS ALICE FILE Alice Banks 1777.2 Onchan
BANKS ISABEL FILE Isabel Banks 1774.2 Alias Cottiman Onchan
BANKS JAMES FILE James Banks 1733 Wife Alive Onchan
BANKS JANE FILE Jane Banckes 1739 Alias Cowley - Hus. Alive Onchan
BANKS JUCKEY FILE Juckey Banckes 1723.1 Alias McNussick - Hus. Thom Bancks Onchan
BANKS ROWLAND FILE Rowland Banckes 1744.2 Wife Barbara Braddan
BANNAN CATHERINE FILE Catherin Bannan 1798.2 Hus. Thomas Bannan Andreas
BARNES GEORGE FILE George Barnes 1708.2 Wife Ann Crebbin Braddan
BELL ISABEL FILE Isabel Bell 1707.3 Lezayre
BELL JONY FILE Jony Bell 1733.2 Alias Vondy Lonan
BELL NICHOLAS FILE Nicholas Bell 1741.2 Wife alive Santan
BENNET RALPH FILE Ralph Bennet 1748.1 Wife Jane Whiteside Maughold
BIGNAL JOHN FILE John Bignal 1735.2 Maughold
BIGNAL MARY FILE Mary Bignall 1724.1 Husband John Bignall Maughold
BIRRAG DANIEL FILE Daniel Birrag 1711 Jurby
BIRRAG MARGARET FILE Margaret Birrag 1712 Alias Cain Jurby
BITTLE ALICE FILE Alice Bittle 1631 Alias Bridson - Hus. Alive Jurby
BITTLE BAHEE FILE Bahee Bittle 1748.1 Andreas
BITTLE CATHERINE FILE Kathrine Bittle 1705 Alias Sayle Jurby
BITTLE ELIZABETH FILE Elizabeth Bittle 1668 Alias Garrett Jurby
BITTLE MARGARET FILE Margaret Bittle 1644 Alias Corlet  Jurby
BITTLE MARGARET FILE Margaret Bittle 1734.1 Alias Quayle Jurby
BITTLE MARGARET FILE Margaret Bittle 1773.2 Spinster Jurby
BITTLE MATTHEW FILE Matthew Bittle 1708 Jurby
BITTLE MOLLINEUX FILE Molineaux Bittle 1773.2 Jurby
BITTLE THOMAS FILE Thomas Bittle 1660 Wife Averick Daugherty Jurby
BITTLE THOMAS FILE Thomas Bittle 1729.1 Wife alive Jurby
BITTLE THOMAS FILE Thomas Bittle 1774.3 Jurby
BLACK CATHERINE FILESUM Catherine Black 1792.2 Alias Callow - Wid. Of John Black Maughold
BLACK ESTHER FILE Esther Black 1803 Bride
BLACK HUGH FILE Hugh Black 1768.2 Maughold
BLACK JANE FILE Jane Black  1791.1 Alias Curghey Maughold
BLACK JANE FILE Jane Black 1802 Hus. Robert Black German
BLACK JOHN FILE John Black 1778.1 Maughold
BLACK JOHN MANNIN BLACK, John 1783   Maughold
BLACK JOHN FILE John Black 1785 Wife Catherine Maughold
BLACKBURN JONY FILE Jony Blackburn 1653 Alias Brew als Skinner - Hus. Ewan Blackburn Jurby
BLACKMORE MARGARET FILE Margaret Blackmore 1792.2 Alias Craine German
BLAKE PETER FILE Peter Blake 1811 Wife Jane Braddan
BLAKENEY ROBERT FILESUM Robert Blakeney 1778.1 Maughold
BOARDMAN JOHN FILE John Boarman 1710.2 Wife Elizabeth Saint Malew
BODDAUGH ANN FILE  Ann Boddaugh 1653 Alias Oates jus Philip Boddaugh Lezayre
BODDAUGH ELLINOR FILE Ellinor Boddaugh 1600 German
BODDAUGH GILIAN FILE Gilian Boddaugh 1600 Alias Cannell? Patrick
BODDAUGH MARGARET FILE Margaret Bodaugh 1721.3 Alias Cowley - Widow Jurby
BODDAUGH MARRIAD FILE Marriad Boddaugh 1600 Alias Cottier German
BODDAUGH MARY FILE Mary Boddaugh 1740.1 Alias Cannell German
BODDAUGH THOMAS FILE Thomas Boddaugh 1769.1 Maughold
BODDAUGH WILLIAM FILE William Boddagh 1793.3 German
BOODLE ROBERT FILE Robert Boodle 1800 German
BOOUSTEAD JOSEPH FILE Joseph Boustead 1731.2 Maughold
BOYD ANN FILE Ann Boyd 1708 Alias Curghey - Husband Alive Lezayre
BOYD ANN FILE Ann Boyd 1813 German
BOYD MARY FILE Mary Boyd 1730 Lezayre
BOYD NICHOLAS FILE Nicholas Boyd 1799 Wife Jane Cain Santan
BOYD THOMAS FILE Thomas Boyde 1743.2 Maughold
BOYD WILLIAM FILE William Boy 1628 Wife alive Onchan
BOYDE MALLY FILE Mally Boyde 1600 Alias Orum - husband John Boyde Maughold
BOYLE JANE FILE Jane Boyle 1800 German
BOYS ISABEL FILE Isabel Boyd 1791.1 Alias Kneale - Hus. Robert Boyd Santan
BRADFORD JOHN FILE John Bradford 1760.1 Wife Esther Curghey Maughold
BRIDSON ALICE FILE Alice Bridson 1794.1 Alias Craine  German
BRIDSON CARTER FILE Carter Bridson 1748.2 Alias Kinnish  Santan
BRIDSON CATHERINE FILE Catherine Bridson 1707.2 Alias Kewin - Hus. John Bridson Braddan
BRIDSON CATHERINE FILE Catherine Bridson 1801 Alias Taylor - Hus. Thomas Bridson German
BRIDSON CHRISTOPHER FILESUM Christopher Bridson 1773.3 Santan
BRIDSON CUTHBERT FILE Cuthbert Bridson 1753.2 Wife alive Malew
BRIDSON ISABEL FILE Isabel Bridson 1724.3 Hus. Thomas Bridson Santan
BRIDSON JAMES FILE James Bridson 1774.1 German
BRIDSON JANE FILE Jane Bridson 1673 Alias Harrison - Hus. Paul Bridson Onchan
BRIDSON JANE FILE Jane Bridson 1710.2 Alias Brew - Hus. Alive Santan
BRIDSON MARGARET MANNIN BRIDSON, Margaret 1685.1 Alias Kneale Lonan
BRIDSON MARGARET FILE Margaret Bridson 1793.3 Alias Kneale German
BRIDSON NICHOLAS FILE Nicholas Bridson 1722 Wife Carter Kinnish Santan
BRIDSON PAUL FILE Paul Bridson 1698 Onchan
BRIDSON THOMAS FILE Thomas Bridson 1723.2 Santan
BRIDSON THOMAS FILE Thomas Bridson 1737.1 Santan
BRIDSON THOMAS FILE Thomas Bridson 1750.3 Wife Bahee German
BRIDSON THOMAS FILESUM Thomas Bridson 1776.2 Wife Margaret Callister German
BRIDSON WILLIAM FILE William Bridson 1791.2 Wif alive German
BRIGGS THOMAS FILESUM Thomas Briggs 1778.1 Wife Elizabeth Maughold
BROOKBANK THOMAS FILE Thomas Brookbank 1766.3 Wife Esther Maughold
BROOM JOHN FILE John Broom 1791.1 Wife Elizabeth Maughold
BROUGHTON MARGARET FILE Margaret Broughton 1711.3 Alias Quayle - Hus. John Broughton Braddan
BURN ANN FILESUM Ann Burn 1763.1 Alias Garrett Jurby
BURTON BLACKETT FILE Blackett Burton 1743.1 Wife Isabel (Clague, Cowin) Lezayre
BUTLER EDWARD FILE Edward Butler 1740.2 Santan