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UPDATE Jun. 16, 2018 WOODS
WOODS ALICE FILE Ann Woods 1698 Alias Oates Malew
WOODS CHRISTOPHER FILE Christopher Wood 1786.2 Maughold
WOODS ELLINOR FILESUM Ellinor Woods 1795.1 Santan
WOODS HANNAH FILE Hannah Woods 1786.1 Alias Cowle Maughold
WOODS HENRY FILE Henry Woods 1744.1 Andreas
WOODS ISABEL FILE Isabel Woods 1798 Lonan
WOODS JAMES FILESUM James Woods 1775.3 German
WOODS JANE FILE Jane Woods 1701 Woods, Kewin, Kissage? - Hus. John Kewn Onchan
WOODS JOHN FILE John Woods 1701.03 Wife alive Jurby
WOODS JOHN FILE John Woods 1756.2 Maughold
WOODS JOHN FILE John Woods 1795.1 Wife Isabel Cowin Lonan
WOODS JONY FILE Jony Woods 1737.3 Alias Sayle  Andreas
WOODS MARY FILE Mary Woods 1708 Alias Kinnish Malew