UPDATE Aug. 2 NEW OR REVISED WILLS ADDED THIS DATE                    Note: Not yet added into Main Lists
CAIN ALICE FILE Alice Cain 1679.1 Hus. Alive Jurby
CALEY MARY FILE Mary Caley 1677 Alias Christian - Hus Thomas Caley Jurby
CHRISTIAN ELLINOR FILE Ellinor Christian 1699.2 Husband Patrick Christian Jurby
CHRISTIAN FANNELL FILE Fannell Christian 1679.1 Alias (Quark, Porter) given name uncertain Jurby
CHRISTRY WILLIAM FILE William Christry 1656 Wife Ann Lowry Jurby
CLARK CATHERINE FILE Catherine Clark 1697.1 Alias Christian - Hus. Alive Jurby
CLARK CHRISTIAN FILE Christian Clark 1654 Alias Christian Jurby
CORLET CATHERINE FILE Catherine Corlet 1699.2 Alias Christian Jurby
CROW JONY FILE SUM Jony Crow 1681.2 Alias Christian - Hus. William Crow Jurby
FREER ELLINOR FILE Ellinor Freer 1644 Alias Christian - Hus John Freer Jurby
FREER JONY FILE Jony Freer 1643 Alias Christian  Jurby
KELLY ANN FILE Ann Kelly 1700.1 Alias Christian - Hus. Thomas Kelly Jurby
KEWIN CATHERINE FILE Catherine Kewin 1676 Alias Christian  Jurby
MYLVORREY JONY FILE Jony Mylvorrey 1685 Alias Lace alias Christian - 2nd Hus. Thomas Mylvorrey Jurby
BREW CATHERINE FILE SUM Catherine Brew 1687.1 Alias Kelly - Hus. Patrick Brew Jurby
BREW ELIZABETH FILE SUM Elizabeth (Betsy) Brew 1820 Widow of Patrick Brew Jurby
CALLISTER WILLIAM FILE SUM William Callister 1675 Jurby
CAMAISH DONOLD FILE Donold Camaish 1685.1 Jurby
CANNELL MARGARET FILE Margaret Cannell 1687.2 Alias Corkill - Hus. William Cannell Lezayre
CLARK ANN FILE Ann Clark 1700.1 Hus. Thomas Clark Jurby
CLARK CATHERINE FILE Catherine Clark 1697.1 Alias Christian - Hus alive Jurby
CLARK CATHERINE FILE Catherine Clark 1811 Widow of John Clark Jurby
CLARK DANIEL FILE Daniel Clark 1782.2 Wife Margaret Jurby
CLARK ELLINOR FILE Ellinor Clark 1700.1 Alias Clarke? Jurby
CLARK HUGH FILE Hugh Clark 1681.2 Wife Christian Cubbon? Jurby
CLARK JOHN FILE John Clark 1719.1 Jurby
CLARK JOHN FILE John Clark 1780 Jurby
CLARK JOHN FILE John Clark 1789 Jurby
CLARK JONY FILE SUM Jony Clark 1792 Alias Lewin - Hus John Clark Jurby
CLARK MARGARET FILE SUM Margaret Kelly 1675 Alias Kelly Jurby
CLARK MARGARET FILE Margaret Clark 1718 Alias Kewin - Hus. John Clark Jurby
CLARK MARGARET FILE Margaret Clark 1787.1 Alias Christian Jurby
CLARK MARY FILE Mary Clark 1772.2 Alias Corlet  Jurby
CLARK PATRICK FILE Patrick Clark 1752.2 Son of Daniel Clark Jurby
CLARK PHILIP FILE Philip Clark 1688.1 Wife  alive Jurby
CLARK ROBERT FILE Robert Clark 1693.1 Jurby
CLARK STEVEN FILE Steven Clark 1697.1 Wife Ellinor Jurby
CLARK WILLIAM FILE SUM William Clark 1669.7 Wife Margaret Kelly (2nd wife?) Jurby
CLARK WILLIAM FILE William Clark 1685.1 Jurby
CLARK WILLIAM FILE William Clark 1690.1 Wife Alive Jurby
CLARK WILLIAM FILE William Clark 1690.1 Orphan son of William died same year Jurby
CORKILL EWAN FILE Ewan Corkill 1700.1 Wife Ellinor Cleater Andreas
COTTIER JOHN FILE John Cottier 1787 Wife Ann German
COWLEY JONY FILE Jony Cowley 1690.2 Alias Corlett als Stephen - 2nd Hus. Richard Cowley Ballaugh
CRAINE JANE FILE Jane Craine 1739.1 Alias Harrison - Hus. Patrick Caine Ballaugh
CRAINE NICHOLAS FILE Nicholas Craine 1690.1 Wife aliave Jurby
CREBBIN MARGARET FILE Margaret Crebbin 1655 Alias Stephen - Hus. John Crebbin Jurby
CREDJEEN MARY FILE Mary Credjeen 1772.2 Alias Clark Jurby
CROW CATHERINE FILE Catherine Crow 1700.1 Alias Radcliffe - Hus. William Crow Jurby
CROW ELIZABETH FILE Elizabeth Crow 1674 Alias Kelly - Hus. Sir William Crow, Vicar Jurby
CROW THOMAS FILE Thomas Crow 1682.1 Unmarried Jurby
CROW WILLIAM FILE William Crow 1685.1 Lezayre
FREER CATHERINE FILE Cathereine Freer 1690.1 Alias Brew D. of Pat Brew - Hus. Alive Jurby
FREER THOMAS FILE Thomas Freer 1690.1 Jurby
GAWN WILLIAM FILE William Gawn 1685.1 Wife alive Jurby
JOHNSON MARGARET FILE Margaret Johnson 1695.2 Alias Kewin - Hus alive Lezayre
KARRAN JONY FILE Jony Karran 1700.1 Alias Stean - Hus alive Jurby
KELLY ANN FILE Ann Kelly 1670.1 Husband alive Jurby
KELLY CATHERINE FILE Catherine Kelly 1660 Alias Craine als Stean - Hus Thomas Kelly Jurby
KELLY JONY FILE Jony Kelly 1670.2 Alias Cowle - Hus. William Kelly Jurby
KELLY MARGARET FILE SUM Margaret Kelly 1695.2 Alias Stean - hus. Thomas Kelly - MC for son William Jurby
KELLY PATRICK FILE Patrick Kelly 1697.1 Not married Jurby
KELLY THOMAS FILE SUM Thomas Kelly 1670.1 Jurby
KELLY WILLIAM FILE William Kelly 1690.1 Jurby
KEWIN CHRISTOPHER FILE SUM Christophr Kewin 1676 Inventory only Malew
KEWIN DANIEL FILE Daniel Kewin 1675 Malew
KEWIN EDMOND FILE SUM Edmond Kewin 1675 Wife possible Bahee Christian? Malew
KEWIN EDMOND FILE Edmond Kewin 1690.1 Lezayre
KEWIN EWAN FILE Ewan Kewin 1685.1 Lezayre
KEWIN GILBERT FILE Gilbert Kewin 1674.5 Malew
KEWIN ISABEL FILE Isabel Kewin 1743.3 Alias Clague - Hus. William Kewin Jurby
KEWIN JOHN FILE John Kewin 1674.2 Married 2nd wife Lezayre
KEWIN JOHN FILE John Kewin 1685.1 Lezayre
KEWIN MARY FILE Mary Kewin 1674.4 Alias Caralaugh Malew
KEWIN WILLIAM FILE SUM William Kewin  1675 Wife alive Lezayre
KEWIN WILLIAM FILE William Kewin 1696.2 Jurby
KEWISH BAHEE FILE Bahee Kewish 1690.2 Alias Kelly - Hus. Patrick Kewish Jurby
KEWISH ELLINOR FILE Ellinor Kewish 1687.2 Alias Stean (Steven) Lezayre
KEWISH JONY FILE Jony Kewish 1711 Alias Kneale - 2nd wife of Patrick Kewish Jurby
KEWLEY CATHERINE FILE Catherine Kewley 1687.2 Alias Moore als Stephen - Hus. Patrick Kewley Ballaugh
KEWNEY JOHN FILE John Kewney 1665 Lezayre
KEY JOHN FILE John Key 1661 Jurby
KINREAD JONY FILE Jony Kinread 1653 Alias Kewney Lezayre
KNACKLE JANE FILE Jane Knackle 1695.2 Alias Kewin - Hus. Thomas Knackle Malew
KNEEN JOHN FILE John Kneen 1687.2 Lezayre
MCNAMEER ELLINOR FILE Ellinor McNameer 1656 Alias Stean - Hus. Richard McNameer Jurby
MOUGHTIN MABEL FILE Mabel Moughtin 1678.1 Alias Stean  Jurby
MYLVORREY JANE FILE Jane Mylvorrey 1690.2 Alias Cowley Jurby
MYLVORREY JOHN FILE SUM John Mylvorrey 1682.2 Wife Jony Kelly - MC for daughter Cath. & Patrick Kelly Jurby
QUARK JOHN FILE SUM John Quark 1670.1 Wife Marriad Karran Michael
RADCLIFFE ELLINOR FILE Ellinor Radcliffe 1636 Alias Kewin  Malew
SANSBURY MARGARET FILE Margaret Sansbury 1634 Alias Kewin - Hus. Thomas Sansbury Andreas
SKINNER JOHN FILE John Skinner 1737.2 Son of Daniel Skinner Jurby
SKINNER JONY FILE SUM Jony Skinner 1675 Jurby
STEAN DANIEL FILE Daniel Stean 1676 Wife alive Jurby
STEAN DONOLD FILE SUM Donold Stean 1662 Wife alive Ballaugh
STEAN DONOLD FILE Donold Stean 1685.1 Has son Thomas Jurby
STEAN JOHN FILE John Stean 1671.2 Wife alive Ballaugh
STEAN JOHN FILE John Stean 1690.1 Wife alive Jurby
STEAN MARGARET FILE Margaret Stean 1678.1 Not married Jurby
STEPHEN ANN FILE Ann Stephen 1737.2 Alias Clague - Hus. William Stephen Jurby
STEPHEN ANN FILE Ann Stephen 1815 of Ballacannell Meadow Jurby
STEPHEN ANN FILE SUM Ann Stephen 1820 Alias Morrison (Mylvorrey?) - Hus. Humphrey Stephen Jurby
STEPHEN ELLLINOR FILE Ellinor Stephen 1736.1 Not married Ballaugh
STEPHEN HUMPHREY FILE SUM Humphrey Stephen 1822 Widower, wife Ann died 1820 Jurby
STEPHEN ISABEL FILE Isabel Stephen 1739.1 Alias Christian Ballaugh
STEPHEN MARGARET FILE Margaret Stephen 1789.1 Alias Bridson  Ballaugh
STEPHEN MARY FILE Mary Stephen 1789.1 Unmarried, daughter of Thomas Stephen and Mary Kewish Jurby
STEPHEN THOMAS FILE Thomas Stephen 1743.1 Ballaugh