Maui - 2005, 2006 and some early Years


MAUI 2005

Gail and I made our yearly sojourn to Maui in March and April of this year. As always, we relax and chill out pretty good while here. Tracy and Paul dropped in for one week. While we quite enjoy holidaying here on our own, it is always nice to have someone to share our pleasure in the island, even if just for a short while.

Left:  Another photo of myself and my great grandpa sailor, John Lace. Do you note the family resemblance?

Right:  This is a nice photo of Gail and her son-in-law Paul Wakefield taken at Big Beach.

Above Left:  The week before we left home! As if we needed any more encouragement. This shot taken from our front room bedroom.

Above right:  We only golfed one day this time at the Keheli course. Gail stands beside our partner that day, from Kansas City. The West Maui mountains in the background. This is a very scenic course and we always enjoy our games here.

Above Left:  The island of Molokini, the crater island, great place to snorkel and we took a snorkel trip out there this time, first in a few years. To the top of the photo is Maui, south end of the island.

Above Right: This is the craft in which we went out to snorkel. The boat carries up to 100 or so, but there were only about 60 of us on this trip. The photo shows it at anchor getting ready for snorkeling.

Above Left: A young lady and crew member, gets into the water in scuba gear to take photos of us underwater and took this pic of a reef shark waiting for us! Apparently these are not real interested in snacking on humans.

Above right:  The slim trim guy waiting to enter the water with the grey hair is moi!

Above Left:  Tracy and Paul snorkeling at Molokini.

Above Right:  This is moi again, trying to look cool as I thrash around in about 25 feet of water.

Above Left: Gail and I played another round of golf at the Kaanapali North course, which is the one around our condo area. To the right of the photo you can make out the beach cabana for our condo. The leper island of Molokai is also visible on the horizon.

Above right:  Another nice shot of Gail at a neat new restaurant called Ma Laa located on the water. We only had lunch there a few times, but they serve Bass ale on tap, so stopped in a few times for a drink in mid-afternoon.

Above Left:  One of our last evenings together, and we revisited one of the first restaurants we had dined at on our first visit to Maui about 25 years ago.

Above right:  A nice photo of our beautiful daughter Tracy at this restaurant called Pacific O.

Maui 2006

Gail and I were back to Maui, as usual, this year. We have photographed so much of it over the years and yet there always seems to be more. This time have left the prior years photo's in place and added some from this year. It is a very relaxing place to visit and there would be a danger in staying much more than a month as you may never go home!

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Above Left:  I am standing getting ready to hit, looking towards the crater mountain, Haleakalah across the valley from here. You can barely make out the volcanic cones that work their way up to the top of the mountain at 10,000 feet.

Above Right:  The native bird of Hawaii, the Nene goose. They are almost extinct, but 18 of them have found a home on this golf course, the largest collection on the island. Someone imported mongoose to kill snakes and after they killed all of the snakes they have been decimating the Nene.

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