Jim and Gail Smith in 2017


Gail and I had an eventful year. I suppose both of us are surprised that we still want to travel a bit, and we did this past year once more, but there were several other events held closer to home as well. We began the year in Australia, must be our 8th or 9th trip to visit our daughter Tracy. We returned to Maui once more; we never tire of the soft relaxing atmosphere on that beautiful island. In addition my sons and I enjoyed another time on the water salmon fishing. It was Blair’s birthday, his 50th, and we all got together in Victoria to celebrate. One important person did not make it, Grandson Forest had to remain in Oregon to look after their store. Forest did get up to spend a week with us in August. On top of that we had a beautiful warm and dry summer with several other pleasant  happenings occurring as well.



The photo on the left was taken at home in Coquitlam the day before we left on December 18, the one in the center taken in Jindabyne about one week later, and then on the right after we returned home in late January.

Above left we arrived in time to say goodby to Tracy’s beautiful little dog Jilian who died after 12 or so wonderful caring years.

Above centre Tracy shows off her newest piece of machinery for her window and door production company Plustec. It applies colour to the frames and Plustec is the only company with this technology in Australia. Check her website at:     http://www.plustec.com.au/our-story/

And then of course a Christmas turkey cooked on a barbeque at Tracy’s Warimoo home above right.

We Spent New Year’s Eve in Warrimoo, Tracy’s home. On the left is a photo taken from her back verandah looking down at her swimming pool and Gazebo. One can see part of the pool below the fence.

Above Right New Year’s Eve was enjoyed aboard the sailing ship “James Craig’ in Sydney Harbour. One gets right into the middle of the famous Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks, normally the first one viewed around the world.


This is one of our favourite vacation towns in Australia and we have visited there several times in the past, but this was our first return to the city it in several years.

On the left, the massive wide beach extends for miles. The town is perched on the hills rising out of the ocean.

In the centre above, a Koala snoozing in a tree. This Koala is in the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. They take in sick and injured Koala’s for care and medical reasons, then returning them to the wild when possible.

On the right, Gail and I on the beach in Port Macquarie.

As usual, we spent several days at Spencer on the Hawkesbury River where Tracy and Paul have been building a spectacular home, see below.

It is also a place where I can fish and fish and fish as on the left.

We enjoyed a boat ride down the river towards the sea and enjoyed lunch at one of the many small villages on the way. See Gail at right.

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