Australian Christmas - 2010

Gail and I returned to Australia in 2010 to spend Christmas and New Year's with our daughter Tracy and Son-in-Law Paul Wakefield. Not to mention Jilian and Dilan their two cocker spaniels. The plan was to enjoy a few weeks in the hot country before embarking on a much awaited cruise to New Zealand.
Above Left;  A few days after our arrival in Sydney, we drove up to Tracy and Paul's property on the Hawkesbury River, just north of Sydney. They have rehabilitated the house and the Boat Shed and dock. They are using it as a rental home while they prepare to develop their large property.

Above Right;  We travelled by boat to a sort of bistro called Peats Bite on the River for an afternoon brunch. The photo shows the four of us and the two dogs prior to lunch. It was a great afternoon, we enjoyed a wide variety of courses, drank wine and listened to folk music played by the owners. They played several Gordon Lightfoot songs, much to my delight. To top the day off a Beaver float plane landed at the dock to really crank up my  Canadian blood!
Above Left;  We joined Paul's mother and sister Karen for lunch at their club in Sydney for a pre Christmas lunch. 
Above Right;  Tracy cooks the Christmas turkey on the Webber barbeque on the back deck of her house in Warimoo.
Above Left;  A good view of Tracy and Paul's Warimoo House from the pool area at the bottom of the lot. The house is centre top of the photo. The pool was built on the edge of a rock face. I spent a lot of time to discover my true vocation, that of Pool Boy! 
Above Right;  Chilliwack Lodge near Lake Jindabyne, south of Canberra. One of our favourite places to stay in Australia. This was one of the first traditional log homes that Tracy has built and we have spent several beautiful times here.
Above Left;  Tracy cooks dinner on her Industrial size Barbeque! The Snowy Mountains, Australia's primary ski area lays to the left of this view. Lake Jindabyne lays between the skyline and the foreground. 
Above Right;  Gail enjoys the hot tub on the outside deck of the lodge. It is a very pleasant way to spend a few hours with a glass of wine, looking out over the beautiful scenery surrounding the lodge.
There are dozens of kangaroos on the property and we see them every day. The photo on the left was taken at about 6 am in the morning and shows one of them checking out the house and teasing the dogs. 
Gail walking in the high ground of the Chilliwack property with a view of Lake Jindabyne to her left and the Snowy Mountain Range on the skyline. 
On the right hand, I control the dogs, Dilan and Jilian as we enjoy a boat ride on Lake Jindabyne.
We spent a hot afternoon at the Jindabyne Rodeo. The most entertaining part of the event was watching the athleticism of the two rodeo clowns who intervened all afternoon to protect the cowboys who were tossed off those great damn bulls. The guy above on the Right was the star and his butt must have been grazed 20 times this afternoon.
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