GAIL’S BIRTHDAY   -    MAY 30,   2018

The Jim Smith Clan gathered in Vancouver at the L’Hermitage Hotel to celebrate the Birthday of Gail the wife, mother, grandmother and Mother-in-Law of the group.

Much to her surprise her Daughter Tracy and Son-in-Law Paul Wakefield had arrived from Australia to help celebrate her (---th) Birthday (actually the number 40 can be evenly divided into it). And to add to the pleasure of the event, her son Lawrence and Grandson Forest drove up from Oregon. Summer had to stay in Grant’s Pass to keep the business running.

Son Blair and Daughter-in-Law Angela were organizers and planners of the great get to gether.

The plan was to meet the evening before the Birthday at the Hotel, enjoy an evening of Tapas and beverages, spend the next day in downtown Vancouver before attending a Birthday Dinner at a very fine Restaurant called “The Botanist” located in the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel on the water near Canada Place.

All went beautifully and pretty much as planned.

On the left, mother and daughter enjoy a surprise greeting hug on the patio outside the room in the  L’Hermitage Hotel.

On the Right, Gail’s first baby Lawrence joins them for a photo.

Left above Grandson Forest joins the well wishers.

Right above, the party organizers Angela and Blair look on.

On the Left, Son-in-Law Paul Wakefield and I discuss the thousands of condo’s surrounding us.

On the right, I refute the charge that I never smile for photos.

And below brothers Blair and Lawrence contemplate the Universe as it unfolds around them.

With the arrival of dusk we all moved indoors to consume some more beverages, dine on tapas and an exquisite salad prepared by Blair and Angela. And also to watch Gail blow out the candles on her Birthday Cake.

Can you say ‘Beauty and the Beast?”

Gail on left in all her beauty and me on the right looking something like a Mob Boss.

It was the hat actually that contributed to my sorry appearance, it’s too big.  I truly believe that.

Above on the left Mother and Daughter light up the room.

Above on the right, I have not learned my lesson yet, and that is to not stand with my arm around my sons or grandson, it simply magnifies the difference in size and age!

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