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I was a partner in a Syndicate that staked 400 claims in the Mount Hinton area, located some 10 kilometres from Elsa, Yukon Territory.
The area is extremely rugged and majestic. Spring arrives in late May and can come back by September. We made several deals with exploration companies to explore our claim group. Over the years there had been dozens of gold veins located by prospectors on the steep slopes of the mountain and the idea was to follow up on them and try to unveil some pattern or system that might become economic.
It was an exciting time and we worked from 1997 to about 2010 on making deals, exploring and examining the mountain and surrounding valleys.
It is spectacular country and one of our partners, Bob Wagner, took some beautiful photos of the area of our interest.
This view is taken from the west side of the property. The apparent highest peek to the right is South Peak of Mt. Hinton. Note the  exploration road that can take you right up to the peak at about elevation 6750 Ft. The North peak of Mt. Hinton is about dead centre of the photo at elevation 6600 Ft. It is also possible to access this by road. The valley in the centre of the photo forms the headwaters of Duncan Creek, the most prolific gold placer creek in the area. The exploration camp is in this valley just off the right of the photo.
This dramatic shot taken at sunset from Sourdough Hill shows the two peaks of Mt. 
Hinton more clearly. Virtuall all the area shown in this 
photo is on our claim group. Most of the exploration work to date has been done on the North Peak to the left of the photo. Dozens of high grade 
gold and silver veins have bee identified dipping into that 
This photo of the North Peak of Mt. Hinton is the cirque face where most of the gold veins have been exposed. We are looking towards the south and west from McNeil Gulch. The tiny yellow dot upper centre in the photo is a diamond drill set-up. This was the location of the highest grade gold vein discovered here back in the 1967 period. 
The road you can see climbing up the face of the mountain from lower right to upper left was developed by my partner in the Syndicate. In addition you can see the road developed to move the diamond drill to that dramatic location. During the last exploration efforts in 2007, a new vein was discovered in thebottom of McNeil Gulch close to the camera.
These two photos show the drill location in more detail, one during the summer and one just before pulling out for the winter months. Both road developers and diamond drillers were brave men!
The photo on the left shows the drill set-up and a view due north up McNeil Gulch towards Lightning Creek. The photo on the right is looking west along the cirque face of McNeil Gulch, and shows road development to access the drill site.
Above Left;  Hard to believe but Bob moved this back hoe to the top of the  North Peak of Mount Hinton
Above Right;  The view is looking east along the saddle, the valley to the left of the photo is McNeil Gulch and to the right is Granite Creek East Fork.
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