A visit to the Isle of Man in 2004
We planned a trip in 2004 to the Isle of Man and a drive around northern England and up into Scotland. We had not been to the Isle of Man since 1997, and it was to be our first view of northern England and Scotland. Tracy and Paul joined us in Manchester, before our flight to the Isle of Man to begin our travels.
Manchester Airport, 40 hours after boarding a plane in Australia. Not sure how they do it! And the worst of it was that they looked a hell of a lot fresher than Gail and I following our 13 hour trip from Vancouver.
A scene from the beautiful Isle of Man countryside. Field boundaries as they were hundreds of years ago.
Above Left;  The bungalow we rented for our 2 week stay in Kewaigue just outside of Douglas. A great choice, and for the first day at least, the sun shone brightly!

Above Right;  This is a scene overlooking Lonan parish and the town of Laxey. Our Brew family lived here for centuries and it is one of the most pleasant scenes on the island.
Above Left;  The pretty little town of Port Erin. The ocean just beyond and centre to the photo.

Above Right;  A seashore scene on the south end of the island. For those interested, the final scene in the movie "Waking of Ned Devine" was shot on this bluff.
Above Left;  The highest point on the Isle of Man, Mount Snaefell. One can just make out the electric railway that runs from Laxey to the top of the mountain, an 8 % grade and what a ride!

Above Right;  A scene from the parish of Santon. These fields were purchased by our ancestor Thomas McNell in 1796 and are known as Knock Froie.
Above Left;  We drove over the mountains from east to west to arrive on the western side of the island and looking towards the Irish Sea and the parish of Jurby, home of our Stephen family as far back as 1609.

Above Right;  We always visit this little bungalow, purchased by James Brew in 1845 and where our Great Grandmother Elizabeth Brew was born. The house is unchanged on the outside from that time, but the shape is identical. It is located a few miles outside of Laxey.
We had lunch at the Grosvenor Hotel in the Parish of Andreas. This hotel was apparently owned by the Smith family in the early 1900's.

This small stone building was the house and barn for one of the first Brew's in the parish of Lonan. It is on a farm known as Ballamenaugh and the building dates back to prior to 1700.
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