Christmas in Oregon - 2010
Our son Blair drove down to Grant’s Pass Oregon in 2010 for Christmas with his brother Lawrence, nephew Forest and Summer his sister-in-law and mother of our only Grandchild.
Gail and I had in the meantime travelled to Australia for Christmas and a cruise around New Zealand.
In addition to normal Christmas festivities, the two snowbirds, Lawrence and Blair, retreated into their past and spent time on snowmobiles, of all things, and in the snow of all other things.
On the left Lawrence and brother Blair. 
On the right Lawrence taking a rest after a good run.
Christmas morning in Grant's Pass Oregon. On the left Summer shows off a Christmas present while on the right, Forest and Lawrence tear open their presents.
Christmas morning in Grant's Pass. On the left Forest models his new robe. 
On the Right;  Blair takes control in the kitchen.  Lawrence’s pose proves that no more than one of the Smith kids should be in the kitchen at the same time.
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