Our son Blair turned 50 this year. It is hard to grasp that. His brother Lawrence and wife Summer, his sister Tracy and husband Paul joined with Gail and I to celebrate the event in the beautiful city of Victoria.

On the left a photo of Blair with his lovely wife Angela standing on the patio outside our hotel with Victoria and Victoria Harbour showing in the background.


The Capital City of British Columbia

On the left a photo of the world famous Empress Hotel, located at the edge of Victoria Harbour.

On the right two cruise ships parked in the Harbour, a relatively new stop for cruise ships on their way to and from Alaska.

There is usually a struggle for the control of the kitchen when my children and my wife are in the same house.

On this occasion, and above Left, Blair was granted sole control as his brother Lawrence looks wistfully on.

Above Right, We went out for dinner the evening of Blair’s birthday and he and Angela prepare to enjoy the evening.

All lit up!

Above and Left: Summer, Tracy, Paul, Angela and Gail wait for the home cooked meal by Chef Blair.

Above and Right: Summer maintains contact with Grant’s Pass, sending regular photo’s and comments to Facebook.

At the immediate Left - Tracy and Paul pause for a pic along the waterfront and marina in Victoria Harbour.


Grandson Forest drove up to visit us for a week in late August. Notice the size of the tomato and the exquisite construction design of the tomato  enclosure. Built by hand.

On the right, our gentle Grandson Forest checking out what’s happening elsewhere.

Summer and Lawrence drove up from Oregon to take in a Bono concert with Blair and Angela.

On the left above, Lawrence, Moi, Angela and Gail at dinner.

On the above right, Summer, Lawrence Gail and Moi in a group hug.

Gail on her --th Birthday in L’Abattoir Restaurant in Gastown on the Left

Above Right - Son Blair and Daughter in Law Angela provided a limousine for her ride home!

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