Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: September 23, 2013

LDS Film: 106375


CANON, Hugh    1739-1    German         E    d    0106375


Decree of Hugh Cannan  1739-1       German


          Peeltown, June 26, 1739


Hugh Canon departed this life, about---

having perished by Sea, about the 14th of Jan.

last, intestate, whereupon the Court has

Decreed his 2 children, Anne & Mary

Canon Sole & joint AdmÕrs of all his

goods & Chattles, whatsoever, the next Re=

lations Jo. & Cha: Canon SupervisÕrs &

a legacy to the widow on Sight of the



The goods are in the WidowÕs hands, who

gave Pledges Jo. & Cha: Canon the

above SupervisÕrs


          Decretu est


Solvit =2s:0d        Joh: Cosnahan


The Inventory within a Month, sub

pana 5s


Dec. 10th 1739 MargÕt Cowin enters a Claim agÕt the ExÕrs

of Hu: Cannon for Six ShillÕs                            £0:6:0

Mar. 4. 1739 Mr. JamÕs Gill enters a Claim for     £4:0:0

Mar. 21. 1739 GilbÕt Clark enters a Claim for}     2:0:0

          and for Interest due thereupon }

Mar. 23. 1744 MargÕt Corrin Claims further for     0:1:4

OctoÕr 19th 1739 Henry Quilliam enters a Claim agÕt the

AdminÕrs of Hu: Cannon for                               £3:00:0


          At Peeltown Jan. 10. 1739

It appearing that Hugh Cannon

late of the above Town was at the

time of his Decease indebted to

Mr. Cha. Killey the Sum of ten

ShillÕs & nine pence – orderÕd yÕt

MargÕt Cannon his Relict as Ad:

minÕx in behalf of ye orphans to

pay the deadÕs part thereof. Sub

pana Confined in St. GermanÕs prison

until she submit to the paymÕt of

the same wÕth all Fees

To the SumnÕr                  John Woods

of KK German, who

is to desire a SoldÕr

in case of disobedience


Sept.r 28th 1741

Then receivÕd from Mrs.

Cannan in Peeltown the Contents

of the Within Order in full

in behalf of Mr. KilleyÕs Children

I say recÕd be. me

               ThoÕs Gawn


An Account of the sevÕl Debts paid by the Supervisors of

Hu: CannonÕs Children – DeadÕs part      £    S.   D.

RichÕd Radcliff claimÕd & provÕd w;th Fees    0    15   8

Henry Quilliam ClaimÕd & provÕd wÕth Fees     1    2   7

Mr. Peter Moore – as provÕd                   0    3   2 ¾

Mr. John Callin – as provÕd                   1    6   6 ½

Tho. Shimin as p. by Order, ClaimÕd & provÕd  3    0   10

GilbÕt Clark as p. Claim & C.                 1    0   0

The AdminÕrs of Mrs. Elinor Gell


Transcribers Note: A petition was made to the Court by

Margaret Cannan the wife of Hugh Cannan, with the support

of his BrotherÕs and Supervisors of his children, to allow

her to sell a piece of Intack Land in order to pay the

Debts of her husband. The Petition was filed on November

17th 1740

The copy of this petition is quite faint and fuzzy.


At a Consistory Court at Balnahown AugÕt 14. 1741

The Supervisors of the Children of Hugh Cannon having

represented unto us the necessity wÕch they & the Widow

are under of disposing of the Intack upon the Claddagh

for the reasons menconed in this petition – The SÕd

Supervisors with the Widow of Hugh Cannon AfforesÕd

who has the Goods Comitted unto her – are hereby Impow:

:erÕd to Sell or Mortgage the premises to the best ad:

:vantage at open Court, giving publick notice thereof

upon the LordÕs day next proceeding at the Church Stile

and afterwards they are to Annex the Amounts of the

Consideration Money to the Inventory upon Record, that

the same may appear & be forthcoming for the benefit

of the Children


                     Edw: Moore