Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: November 14, 2013

LDS Film: 106378


KISSACK, William     1747-3    Santon         E    d   0106378


Decree of William Kissack  1747-3  Santan


               KK Santan   Feb: 10. 1747


     William Kissack departed this Life about

the first of January last – intestate – The Court

upon intelligence thereof hath Decreed his Son

and his three Daughters – Namely – John, Ellinor,

Isabel and Deborah joynt Administrators of all his

Goods and Chattels moveable & Imoveable wÕt soever

     Whereupon sÕd John Kissack together wÕth JoÕn Bridson

husband of Ellinor & Wm Leece husband of Isabel & (ThoÕs

Clucas husband of Deborah being absent) are Sworn to be

just the one to the othÕr & for paymÕt of Debts according

to Law – Pledges are Mr. David Harrison & Wm Costean

junÕr Balla-beg

                     Decretum est

Solvit 3s:0d

                               Edw: Moore