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    Original: LDS 0106196



Archdeacon Will 1633A #07 Braddan, of William Cannon, 

died 4 January 1633/34: 

Summary:  dau Christian (married xxxx Clague), 

son Wm (has a Covenant with father), son John, dau Alice 

(married xxxx Kelly),  also: witness Oates Karran, 

Marriad Kerran, Patrick Karran, vicar William Oates; 

witness Oates Kelly, pledge Michael Cannon & William Cubbon

The last will & testament of Wm Cannon wch 

depted this life 4th of Januarie 1633.     Item: left 

to the poore 1 boule of mault firlet wheat, firlet

oate meale & iiij wheepe;      Item: he left to his daughter 

Christian Cannan alias Cloadge iiij sheep;      Item: 

left to his sonne Wm: Cannan i lewe of some 

formere pmisse, or Covenant, all the sheep & mutt: 

wch is in his owne keepinge;      Item: left to his sonne 

Jo: Cannan a maire & halfe a heffer 3 yeares 

old at May next;      Item: left to Oats Kerron the 

other halfe of the said heiffer, & a mut: wch is 

in his own keeping;     Item: left to Mariatt Kerron 

a sheep=hoge & to Pat: Kerron a lamb;       Itm: to 

Wm: Oats vicr a hogge.      Willed his daughter 

Alice Cannan alias Kelly sole execut: or all 

the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable

pbatum est et solvit xijd

testes Oats Kerron

  iurati Oats Kelly

Wm Cannan hath refussed in this Court the goods 

leaft in the will and craveth the benefitt 

of the lawe

inventorie before the 

next Chapter in payne of vs[5s] ad usum dmi: 

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inventorie of the goods of Wm Cannan 

inprimis  1 oxe vj yeers ould   1 steere iiij yeeres 

ould,  1 cowe vj yeares ould,  1 heffer iiij yeares 

ould   ij sheepe    1 bullocke  1 yeare ould 

pledge Michell Cannan, Wm Cubbon 

for the fourth cominge of the goods & 

to keepe the office harmles in payne of 

double value