Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: January 28, 2014

LDS Film: 106385


KISSAGG, Isabel 1761-2    Maughold       E    w   0106385


Will of Izable Kissagg  1761-2      Maughold




In the Name of God Amen Whereas I

Izable Kissagg formerly of the Parish of

Ballaugh being sick and weak in body but

of Perfect Mind and Memory & Knowing the

uncertainty of this Transatory Life & that it is

[Requisite] all flesh must dye when it shall please

God to Call, and after Comiting My Soul to God

and Body to Christian Buriall at the [Descretion]

of my ExÕr and as for what worldly goods it hath

pleased God to Bless me with I leave and Dispose

of as followeth Viz.

ImpÕs I leave & bequeath to the Witnesses of this my

Last Will one Shilling Each and to all Proper

Claimers that may enter in my Will Six pence Legacy

Itm I do Confess that MargÕt Kneen & hir Brother

DanÕl Owes me ten Shillings.

Patt: Calley owes in AccÕt of turff one Shilling BritÕsh

Lastely I do hereby Nominate & Appoynt my Dearly

Beloved Nephew and Neece ThoÕs and Anne

Corlett Sole ExÕr of all and every of my Goods

or Effects Movable and Immovable and do

hereby Revoak all former Will or Wills, Deed

or Deeds and do make and appoynt this only

to be my Last Will and Testament Witness

my hand this 9th of March 1761 One


WitnessÕs present              Izaballa Kissagg hir Mark X


John Kissagg his X Mark   }

     Edward Kissagg his X Mark} Jurati

     George Cowle              }


At a Chapter Court holden at Lezayre 8th June



ThoÕs Corlet husband of Ann the other ExecÕx is with

his sÕd wife Sworn ExecÕr in Court in form of Law

and hath given pledges for paymÕt of Debts & Legacies

namely John Kissag & EdwÕd Kissag two of the Witnesses

of the Will

                          Probatum est

Solvit 12d           Ro: Radcliffe

C*                        MatthÕs Curghey