Submitted by: Jim Smith

        Date: Nov. 27, 2014

    Original: LDS : 0991715


CANNON, Robert  1699-2   Mau   E   d    0991715

Decree of Robert Csnnon  1699-2    Maughold


Rob’t Cannon dept’d this life about ye 8th of

Sept’r last intestate whereof the Court having

Intelligence hath decreed his four children viz’t

[Anne], Margrett, Issable & Ellin joynt Admin’rs

of all his goods moveable & immoveable what=

soever, the next of Kinn in ye fathers side Super=

vis’rs and a legasie to ye wife on Sight of ye

Inventory w’ch is 10s in regard of her trouble.

              Jony Cannon one of ye next of Kin

              having [refused] to be Adm’r & her Sister

              being a poor girl at “———“ the wife

              of ye [decedent] hath taken ye tuition

              of ye Children with their goods, who

              is accordingly Sworn in Court in form

              of Law, and hath given Pledges

                   Decretum est et Solvit  2s=3d

     The Inventory of Rob’t Cannon taken by

     4 Sworn men John Quine, Gilb’t Kashin

     Dan: Calow & Rob’t Kerruish amounts

     in gross to               lb    s    d                

                               10 : 03 : 00

     Pledges Ewan Costeen, and

     John Skillicorn