Submitted by: Jim Smith

        Date: May 3, 2014

     Original: LDS : 106394


KISSAGE, Edward  1775-1   Lez   E   w    0106394

Summary of the Will of Edward Kissage  1775-1   Lezayre

Edward Kissag of Kerrow-more of Lezayre signed his will on

October 7, 1774

Names Son John to inherit Kerrow-More, abbey lands

Daughters named are Christian, Mary and Ellinor

Daughters also received a legacy from Edward's deceased

Uncle-in-Law Patrick Cowle

Names his wife Isabel

Mary and Ellinor not to receive legacy until they are 21

Son John is Executor

Edward adds at the end of his will that he had two sons

Edward and William Kissage who had gone abroad and were

presumed dead.

Witnesses were Daniel Cowle, Robert Kissage 

Edward's wife Isabel Kissage alias Cowle consents to land 

legacy to John.

Probate was March 7, 1775 at Lezayre

Pledges were John Gill and William Corlet Gladdagh and both

of Lezayre