Submitted by: Jim Smith

        Date: May 28, 2014

    Original: LDS : 106399


KISSACK, Isabel  1785-2   Lez   E   w    0106399

Will of Isabel Kissack  1785-2    Lezayre


In the name of God Amen

    I Issable Kissag widow of Edward Kissag of the

Parish of KK Christ Lezayre Dec’d being sick and

weak in body but by the Blessing of God of Sound

mind and memory Do make this my last will and

Testament in manner following.

First I commend my soul to God and my Body to

Christian Burial.

Item to my Daughter Ellinor Kissag I leave the

Bed whereon I lay furnished with all things

thereunto belonging.

Item to my Daughter Mary Kissag I leave the

clothes she now hath upon her own Bed.

Item to both my said Daughters I leave all my

Linnen and woollen shaped and unshaped and all 

the wool and thread or yarn and all the

househood stuff and furniture of what kind

or nature soever all Equally between them both

Item I Leave all my cattle being five in number

and a Horse and a mare all Equally between

my said two Daughters as afores’d

Item I leave the Bees in my own Garden

equally between my son John Kissag and my

two daughters afore named

Lastly I do nominate and appoint my s’d son

John Kissag sole Executor of all the rest of

my Goods Chattles and Effects of what kind or

     and a Shilling a piece to the witnesses hereof

nature soever ^ In witness whereof I have caused

my name to be hereunto set and Subscribed

this 6th of January 1785

Witnesses              Isable Kissag my mrk x

John Kissag  }

Dan Cowle    } Jurati

         At a Chapter Court holden at

         Lezayre 10th day of Nov’r 1785

The Execut’r is sworn in Court in form of

Law and hath given pledges for the

payment of Debts and Legacies viz’t

the witnesses of this will

                   Probatum est

                       Joh: Moore

                       Ev: Christian

9th Dec’r 1785

        John Corlett claims     £0:13:0