Submitted by: Jim Smith

        Date: October 4, 2014

    Original: LDS : 106230


CANNON, Daniel  1787   Jur   A   58    0106230

Will of Daniel Cannon  1787    Jurby  


In the Name of God Amen I Daniel Cannon

of the Parish of Jurby being in a [Troubling] state

& Condition of body but of sound perfect & disposing

mind & memory do make xxxxxxx & Constitute

this my Last will & Testament in manner following

—st I Committed my Soul to God and my body to the

Earth to be buried in a Decent manner at the

Discretion of my Executor hereafter named

——ondly I leave & bequeath “—————————“ Children

one Shilling A piece to be paid after the Decease

of my beloved wife.

I willed & Settled my part of Close [thomson]

unto my two Sons John & Thomas Cannon.

——eft & Appoint John Cannon to pay to Thomas

Cannon the Sum of thirty Shillings after the

Decease of my Beloving wife before the

possession of s’d Close & hereby provided that his

wife Aforesaid is to have the benefit of the whole

parcell Afore mentioned During her Natural

Life & if the Close to be sold that he is to Give 

the first offer to the other on the first Cost.

Lastly I constitute and ordained & appoint my beloved

Wife [Jully]Cannon Executor of all the Rest of my

goods & Effects moveable & immoveable of what kind

—Nature Soever this the Eighteenth day of January


     Witnesses Present

     John Tear his X     }

     William Kneale his X} Jur.

    At a Consistory Court holden at KK Michael

    July 22d 1787

    The Exec’x is sworn in Court in form of Law

    hath given Pledges for the payment of

    Debts & Legacies namely the Witnesses of

    the Will

                        Probatum est—————

                          Joh: Moore

Solvit                    Ev: Christian

    C*                    Tho’s Cubbon

Transcribers Note: There are several Claims made

against the Estate. However the copy is difficult

to read. The only names deciphered were Thomas,

William and Ellinor Cannon who claimed £2.

The widow petitioned the Court for a hearing.

Her first name could be “Judith”. Apparently her

deceased husband had been named Executor of [Alish]

Crain. There is money owed her deceased husband and

she requests a hearing to appoint her Executor of

the Craine will.