Submitted by: Jim Smith

        Date: June 16, 2014

    Original: LDS : 106402


KISSACK, Ewan  1791-2   Lez   E   d    0106402

Decree of Ewan Kissack  1791-2    Lezayre


      At a Chapter Court holden at Lezayre on the 10th

      day of Nov’r 1791

   Ewan Kissack of the parish of Lezayre having

departed this Life on or about the 17th day of November

last past Intestate and this Court having intelligence

thereof have Decreed his Children namely [Esther]

Isabel and Elizabeth Kissack as also the Children

of Catharine Garret als Kissack another daughter

                in right of their said Mother

of the Intestate, ^ Co-administrators of all and

singular his Goods Chattels and Effects movable

and immovable whatever, John another Child

of the Intestate having (as is alledged) been

provided for by Deed of Settlement, And the

said Isabel only being present in Court She is

thereupon sworn well and truly to administer

the Estate of her Intestate to pay all his just debts

so far forth as his Goods and Effects will extend

and the Law shall bind her and to be faithful

and just to her absent Co-administrators in

the Division of the Residuum of the said

Estate To which Ends She hath given pledges

in form of Law namely

                   Decretum est

                         Ev: Christian