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Archdeacon Will 1669A #013 Braddan, of John Cannon, died 28 January 1669/70, wife 

Ann Scarff (she remarried to William Fayle by 1674):

Summary:  eldest son, Patrick, John (of age by 1685), wife Ann Scarff; his 4 children: 

William, Philip, John & Patrick; brothers Robert & William Cannon; also: William Creer 

& John Creer of Braddan, 2nd husband of Ann is William Fayle, also: Paul Bridson of Onchan, 

sister Alice Christian (?Christian als Cannon by 1685, ?or wife of William Cannon by 1685)

Braddan parish register: John Canon   buried 29 January 1669

SEE will father of John:  ArW 1647 #27 Braddan, of William Cannon: children William senior 

(eldest son), William junior, Robert, John, Patrick, Marriad, Catharine

SEE will of supervisor / brother William ArW 1670 #7 Braddan: wife alive, sons William 

(heir) & William (executor of 2/3) & John (executor of 1/3), brothers William, 

Robert and Patrick

Bradan    January 28 – 69 

This is affirmed to be ye last will & testament

of John Cannon who depted this life ye 28th of Jan

69;      first he bequeathed his soule unto Almighty God

and his body unto Christian buriall;     It: he left  to 

ye poore dj a firlett of mault and dj a firlett of ----[fold]

meal & a sheep;      It: he left to his eldest son ----[fold]  

halfe of ye cropp of corne;    It: he left to his s----[fold]  

Patrick 2 sheep;    It: he left to his sone John 6 

sheep;     It: he left to his wife Ann Scarffe dj 2 ----[fold]  

horsses;     It: he constituded & ordayned his 4 children

Wm Philip Jo: & Patrick to be his true and lawful ex----[fold]  

of all ye rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable

It: he left ye ground & children with these ----[fold]  

goods wholly in ye custody and the tuition of his wife

there mother during there minority

The uncles Robt: Cannon     & Willm Testes Hu Cowley

is sworne supvisor, & ye other jurati 

brother is to be sworne supvisor Katherin Cloage

pbatu et solvit 1s

Invent as ffolloweth

It: 2 cowes & dj steere price …..2;     It: dj maire & dj coult ….1-----[fold]   

It: 12 sheep price ….. 18s;     It: 1 goate price ….1s;    It: dj calf 1-----[fold]  

It: ye houshold stuff priced to 11s;     It: ye deads pt corne left due 

by ye father to ye eldest son,  a paire of breeches coate & hatt prmis-----[fold]  

-----1s – 4d,      more to be aded opon further enquiry

Note: yt 4s 6d is to be deducted out of ys Invent towards funerall charges

The goods in ye custody of ye mother who have 

given pledges secunda forman legis Jo: Quine & Tho: Quine[?] 

[Note: The 3 following notes are squeezed with tiny writing onto the page:]

The heire pt of ye crop of corne come to 15s & it is in Ro: Cannon hands of it 6s-6d

& 1s to be deducted for ye copie of will & Invent & hath given pledge Joh: Quine & the other 

7s-6d in ye hands of Will Cannon & hath given pledge Tho: Christine only 6d deducted for ye order of court

pd 4d fee for clear--- ye bonds & casting[?] up there acc----- & a coppie thereof


Ocotr ye 27:  more aded to the Invent by the Supvisor Ro: Cannon due to the children 

yt is to say ye christening money what was bought ---- ----- & also wt was not brought in at ----ing ye Invent

It 3 ---- & dj hoad[?]  4 sheep  ---- yr   ---- yr pt of 3 sheep  these not brough in then, & allso 4 sheep due to ym by ye christening 

money :  & are all to be priced as the former & now is priced to 6s

Nor: ye 5th 1672: Ann Scarffe hath given in counter securities for ye forth coming of ye goods of

her husband John Cannon accordinge to law & for the goods usage of the children viz

Willm Creere & Jo: Creer of Bradan: & the former pledges are discharged & her now 

husband Willm ffayle hath ingage himselfe to release the said Willm: Kelly before Xtmas net

Nor: 17th 74:

The goods of ye heire still in ye custody of ye mother for wch Will Creer

& John Creer stand bound as formerly, & to discharge the --------e accepted of a bill of sayle for ye one halfe

of a quartr of land for all his pt of goods from Willm Fayle & his said mother wch is confirmed by ye officres

& h---- unto pmised: the rent of ye land is 1s ---- p year


Nor: ye 17th 74:  Willm Creere & Joh Creere who became bound for the 

goods of Joh: Cannon due to his children, & in ye custody of the mother 

are released; & ye goods now being in the custody of ye uncles vizt Willm 

Cannon & Robt Cannon have given counter securite, Paule Bridson of 

KK Concan for Willm Cannon & Jo: Creere of KK Bradan for Ro: Cannon, in 

form of law

[Written parallel to the right upper edge:]

John Creere one of ye pledges is released & Robert Lewne is 

become counterbond

[slip of paper, a couple pages later:]

July ye 13th 1685

John Cannon came this day & acknowledged to have 

received from his Ant 26 shillings 5d ¼ vizt: from Alice 

Xtin and doe acquit her & her bondsmen accordingly wch was due 

to him as a childs part of his fathers goods wch part was in 

ye hands of Willm: Cannon his uncle

John Cannon his mrk X

before me

   Sam: Watleworth


[Several pages later:]

Joh: Cannan of ye pish of KK Bradan diseased about 

ten yeares agone or thereabout, his house & Land fall

ing due to his children ye overseers could get none

to Inhabbit in ye sd house & Land, since ye mother 

married, the sd house fell to ruines & ye overseer

was forced to pull downe ye roofe of ye sd house

and to praise ye same, yt either ye roofe or ye 

price shall be forth coming for ye childrens 

goods, ye couples of ye sd house was praised by 

foure sworne men, viz Joh: Skillicorn, Joh: 

Moore, Joh: Christian & Henry Tagert to 

three shillings, and the said ovrseers desir

res that this may be added to ye Inventory

of ye sd Joh: Cannan

Note that Willm: Cannan & Robt: Cannan are ye 

overseers & ye sd Willm: Cannan his pte of ye sd 

Roofe is praised & Robt: his pte  is not praised as


July ye 25th 1678