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Archdeacon Will 1681A #02 Lonan will of John Clague of Ballagrow, died 8 January 16812: 

Summary:  wife, dau Margaret (married Philip Clague), dau Isabel, dau Jane, dau Alice, 

dau Joney dau Ann,  2 grandsons, son in law Philip Clague (father is Phinlo Clague)

Lonan parish register:   Philip Clauge  Ballaguw  buried 9 Aug 1724

Lonan parish register:   Isabel Claigue als Skillicorn of Ballagrow  buried 1 June 1728

Lonan parish register:   Thomas Clague of Ballagrow  buried 22 Sep 1746

Lonan parish register:   Thomas Clague married Isabel Skillicorn on 27 May 1704 in Onchan

Lonan parish register:   a child of John Clague  Ballagrow   buried  29JUN1741

Lonan parish register:   John son of John Clague Ballagrow   buried 12AUG1744

Lonan parish register:   a child of John Clague Ballagrow  buried 14APR1751

KK Lonan 1681

The last will and testament of John Cluaige Ballagrow who depted this life ye 8th 

of Jon:  being of pfect memory;   ffirst he committed his soule to Almighty God his 

Creator and his body to Christian buriall.  Item he left ot ye poor at his funerall 

one mutton and dj fer: of oat meale; alsoe he left to ye poore at ye usuall time 

viz Hallowtyde halfe fer: of mault 2 pottles of wheat dj ferlett of oat 

meale and ye rest at ye discretion of his wife and executors.  

Ittem he left to his daughter Margrett Cluage 6d legasie and all his Lands, 

cropp of corne, and all husbandry geares ye tenement after ye discease 

of his deare wife his will was that his wife shold have ye said prmisses 

by reason he gave his said daughter Margrett 4£ portion wch was 

10s more then Ffinlo Cluaige gave to his son Phill: Cluaige.  

Item to his daughter Ann Cluaige halfe a gray maire Legasie.  

Itt: he left to his daughter Issable Cluaig a yearing calfe at May next besides what 

he pmised her in Contract bargan 

Itt: he left to his daughter Jaine Cluaig halfe a heiffer called ye dronege heffer 

Itt: he left to his daughter Alice a gray sheep he pmisd her at May Last 

Itt: he left to Sr Tho: Thwaits a mutton.  Itt: to his 2 granson his 

two old coats.   Itt: he left to their father viz Phill: Cluaige all his 

best Apparrell and his shooes and best stockins, pvided that he would 

be carefull and oversee ye goods belonging to his poore wife and children 

Item he constituted and ordained his ffour children viz Jaine, Alice, 

Joney and Ann Cluaige his true and Lawfull executors of all ye rest off 

his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever 

witnesses Tho: Thwaites } Jaine and Alice sworn in 

Patr: Knaekill   } jurati behalfe of them selves and ye 

rest of ye Exrs: in form of Law 

    pbatum est et solvit xijd 

The Inventory of ye above named Jo: Cluaig was praised by 4 sworne 

men and ye Sumnr: viz Patr Knaekill, Phill: Brew, Ja: Cotteen, 

U Wm corrin & Wm Lawrence Sumner £      s

Imprimis all ye houshold stuffe .............................. 0 - 16 - 00 

Ittem on e dozen of sheep & goats ............ 0 - 16 - 00 

Itt: the disceadants part of ye cattle }

    and horseses amounts  ..............}......... 2 - 0 - 0 

pledges secundum forman legis 

Mallony Corrin & Phinlo Quayle

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Janry: 23d 1681

Phillip Cloage enters agt ye exrs: -----[fold]

his father in Law Jo: Coage for -----[fold]    

and ye corbes due t ohis wife; A-----[fold]    

craveth tryall