Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date:  December 4, 2010

LDS film: 106221


KISSAG, Esther 1754-2    Lez       A    56  0106221


Will of Esther Kissage – 1754-2 – Andreas

(This is a Deed of Gift and Will)


To all Christian People to whom these

presents shall come We Ewan Kissag and

Hesther Kissag my wife of Close Killip

in the parish of KK Christ Lezaire four-

---- in our Lord God Everlasting that

we the sd Ewan Kissag & Hesther my wife

being now old and feeble and having no person

to assist and take care of us in our declining

condition and great ---- we are obliged to

dispose of our Small Effects by the following

manner therefore know all men by these

presents that we the sd Ewan Kissag and

Hesther my wife for and in Consideration

of the Love Good Will & affection which we

have and do bear unto our Loving friend

and Neighbour John Corlett of the Claddaugh

in this parish have Given and Granted and by

these presents do fully freely clearly and

absolutely Give and Grant by [free] Gift all

and singular our Houses and Croft containing

about two days plowing with all other our

Chattles Household stuff Implements and all

other thing or things to us belonging and

which we may Justly Claim as in Right our

whether alive or Dead as well Moveable

as things Imoveable both real and personal

as well in the Makings or Investment with

appurtenances wherein we now Dwell as

otherwise Excepting only twenty shilling which

the sd Hesther [claims] to be her own disposal

from us our Heirs Execrs Adms and assigns

have and to hold unto him the sd Jon Corlet his

Heirs or assigns the before mentioned premises Imediatley

after the Decease of the first that Dyes of either

of the sd Ewan Kissag or Hesther my wife for

& henceforth as his proper Goods forever he

the sd Jon Corlett hereby obliging himself his

Heirs Exexrs or Assigns to give the sd Ewan

Kissag and Hesther his wife a firlett of —

Barley and a firlet of wheat corn yearly —

— — that they the sd Ewan Kissag & Hesther

his wife shall live together to work their Crop

cut their stuff and repair their houses in like

manner to take care of them in their Sickening

and for them Decently arrange and after

their Decease of the first of them the sd Jon Corlet

obliges himself to take the surviving person

into his House and maintain the sd surviving

person at his own proper cost during his or

her natural life and for the — & faithful

performance hereof we the sd Ewan Kissag and

Hesther my Wife and also Jon Corlett do hereby

bind and oblige themselves their Heirs Execrs

Adms and assigns either to the other in the

penalty and forfeiture of forty pounds sterling

to be levied according to Law In Witness

whereof we the sd Ewan Kissag and Hesther

my Wife have Delivered a piece of Money

called an English shilling unto the sd John

Corlett and caused our several names & Mks

to be sett this 13th Day of March 1740

Ewan Kissag my X

Hesther Kissag my X

Jon Corlett my X

Signed & Delivered

in presence of

Jom Kissag his X

John Corlet

14th March 1740


Jon Kissag & Jon Corlett the Subscribing Witnesses

to the within and above Deed of Gift have

made oath that the same was Duly Executed

by Ewan Kissag and Hesther Kissag in their

presence and Jon Corlett acknowledged the

same to be his voluntary act & Deed before


Dan Mylrea


At a --- Court holden at Peeltown

the 6th May 1741

The within and above Deed of Gift having been

proved and Acknowledged before the Deemster

and now openly published in Court and no

legal objection offered agt it is therefore

allowed of & confirmed according to Law

Reserving all Rights

Dan Mylrea

Jon Taubman

Cha. Stanley

Jon Quayle

Wm. Christian


At a Consistory Court at KK Michael Sept. 19th 1754

The within Deed of Settlemt having been

Confirmed in the temporal Court the same

is accepted for the last Will and

Testamt of Hesther Kissag

whereupon John Corlet and Margt

his Daughter to whom the within

mentioned Lands are Devised by

the Will of her Mother Margery

Corlet are sworn Execs in form of

Law and have given Pledges for

paymt of Debts vizt Mr. ---

Cowle & Mr. John Cowle both of Lezayre

Solvit 12d

Acceptum est

Ro: Radcliffe

Matthw Curghey


Transcribers Note: There is a very faint note just below the above signature dated August 1755 in which it appears that Ewan Kissage makes a claim against the Estate of his wife for some amount.