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Gail and I girded our loins and crawled back on an airplane for the 16 hour Flight to Australia for about the 10th time. We love going there, but that flight gets longer in direct relationship to our age. On this occasion, we did not engage in a lot of travel while there. We basically stayed at Tracy and Paul’s various houses and lodges. But even in that limited area, we once again could view the changing scenery of the country. It has to be visited to convince others that it is not all extreme temperatures and dry outback.
As usual we began our visit in Warrimoo, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. This was the first log house that Tracy built, and has remained the primary residence of she and Paul all those years. The first morning I always head down to the pool, constructed on the side of a rock slope behind the house. It just seems appropriate having just left winter behind at home. To the right is the view off of their back verandah. The gazebo showing in the background to the centre right of the photo is built on a rock behind the pool.
Tracy had the Christmas party for her employees while we were there. Top left, one old man joins three young guys who work for Plustec, Tracy and Paul’s window company. In the centre Tracy with her two log crafters, two young men from France. On the right, Paul entertains Lianne and Michelle the office staff. And below left, Gail describes how she dives into the pool to Gary. The caption on the back of Gary’s tee shirt asks the question “Where the bloody hell is Chibougamau”. Centre below I wistfully sit behind the empty bottle that made me wistful.  To the lower right, Tracy and her agent Graham pose for the camera.
Paul and Tracy stand outside their show home and office located in Emu Plains, part of the City of Penrith.
On to Jindabyne
We traveled to Chilliwack Lodge near the ski resort town of Jindabyne. It is located on 700 acres of land, high above and overlooking Jindabyne Town and Lake. On this occasion we stayed for 10 days, driving out on day trips to view a wide variety of scenery.  
Lower left the lodge in late evening and Lower Right the view of Lake Jindabyne from the deck of the lodge.
Some photos of the interior of the Lodge. A living room on the left, note the Canadian tobaggan above the window.
Centre photo is The War Room, where Gail and Tracy fight for domination in the kitchen.
And to the right, cheese fondue, a New Year’s Eve tradition at the dining room table.
It is no less beautiful outside on the deck surrounding the lodge. Something quite different to enjoy a hot tub when the temperature outside is about 35 degrees. Tracy, Paul and Gail do just that.
And then, relax on a deck chair wearing your cowboy hat to keep the sun away.
Kangaroos! There are dozens if not hundreds of them on the property and they are close to the lodge every morning. The one on the upper right is a mother with a baby’s head sticking out of the pouch. On the lower right a kangaroo looks up at me as I sip my morning coffee.
Below, after things have quieted down, a possum comes down from the tree for a midnight snack.
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