I am not sure what one is supposed to say about turning 80, except that I suppose the alternative, not becoming 80, is not a good option. At any rate I am certainly enjoying my life, and all of those pictured below are what make it that way. I had a wonderful day.

My family! On the left my youngest son Blair, then my two lovely daughters-in-law, Angela and Summer, myself in the background with my Grandson Forest beside me, eldest son and first baby Lawrence on the grass in front of me, son-in-law Paul Wakefield who is married to my beautiful and perfect daughter Tracy next to him, and my partner for life Gail.

We are talking meat here folks, these are serious steaks. On the left above I check out and choose my own steak.

On the right the Smith boys cook, Blair and Lawrence discuss perfection. Still not certain how they managed to get all of that meat on one grill, and then cook them to the requested degree. I heard no complaints during the eating of same.

Above left my two youngest Tracy and Blair ham it up for the camera. Above and right my Grandson Forest shares a drink and a smile with his Aunty and my Daughter-in-law Angela Victory Smith. Below and left, Blair checks how things are doing in the Peace River while his sister-in-law Andrea, his wife Angela and his other Sister-in-law Summer discuss important issues. Below right Blair and his nephew Forest with Angela and Andrea looking out over all of the dead soldiers on the table in front of them

Knives and forks only go so far with a steak of this size and thickness, but I was determined to win out and I unashamedly used some poor manners to accomplish the task.  On the right above, Tracy holds out the traditional “Jim Smith” cheesecake, that she baked with extreme care. I was able to deal with the one candle; representative of many more, burning on the top.

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