Gail, Tracy, Paul and myself, the Traveling Fools, embarked on our latest cruise in late August. The choice was a trade-off between Tracy, who wanted some cool temperatures, and myself who favoured some heat. A combination of the two resulted. We returned  to Norway, 12 years after our first cruise to this beautiful country of pleasant people.

This was followed by a cruise down the coast of Spain and Portugal, with a delightful stop in Gibraltar. It was an 18 day cruise on board Holland America’s MS Ryndam.

We also spent one day in Portsmouth to visit HMS Victory, now open to visitors, more than 200 years after the famous Battle of Trafalgar. An ancestor, John Lace, had participated in this famous battle. My curiousity about John Lace was the spark that ignited my interest in Family History.

It was an informative and relaxing cruise. I realized after a few stops in Spain, how little that I knew about that Country, its origins and its place in history; given that the Spanish language is the second most used language in the world.

Holland America’s ship MS Ryndam, one of my favourite ships. A nice size at 1260 passengers, and with a beautifully laid out interior. Too bad that it is going out of service, being sold next year.

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