Port Renfrew 2014 - Fishing with my Sons

Blair and I have been going on a salmon fishing trip every year for some time now. This year, I had a birthday surprise and Lawrence my oldest son showed up to go fishing with us. It was probably the only time that the three of us had been alone together since they were little guys. It was a great surprise and it turned out to be an even greater few days together.
We returned to Port Renfrew, and our Guide Bruce Miller, where we have had very good fishing luck on every occasion in the past.
No matter how many ferry rides one takes to Victoria, you will always meet another ferry going the other way in the most turbulent waters on the trip, those waters in Active Pass.
We stopped in Sydney for lunch before driving on to Port Renfrew. It is a beautiful little sea-side town and made even more spectacular on a warm sunny day. Lawrence sits beside a Stone fisherman for a rest. You can barely make out Mount Baker on the skyline.
Lawrence ties into his first salmon. Bruce our Guide , standing to Lawrence’s left does not like it when the paying customer loses a fish, and barks a pretty steady stream of orders. All turned out for the good however, and Lawrence landed that one and a few others before the day was out.

Back at the dock, we take the mandatory photo ops! Myself and Lawrence on the left and Blair and Brother Lawrence compare fish on the right.

Blair, myself and Lawrence with our catch. A nice array of salmon, but only one halibut. I do not enjoy catching halibut, too much like work, but will miss eating them this winter. Salmon are for catching and halibut for eating, although I do love salmon on a plate as well. We caught the rock fish while trying to catch halibut, small but delicious.

It was a great way to spend a few days with my sons.

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