The Barbeque
A well attended barbeque was hosted on the shores of Osoyoos Lake.
On the left a view of the cafe from the dock on the lake.
Centre photo shows the crowd building and trying to stay out of the hot sun!
On the right, Blair busy making sure that all was well.
Reception - Party Time!!!
Guests came from as far away as Australia to the West and Newfoundland to the East. In addition to relatives Blair had buddies attend from all over BC. A wild crew came down from Northern BC like a cloud of ptarmigan during a winter storm. Angela had friends from both the East and from the Vancouver area, and all enjoyed a fine and entertaining reception.
Blair receives a hug from his Northern mom Mrs. Connolly who has provided him many meals while he worked in the Peace River area.
 Blair and his Aunty Lynn have always had something special going on.
  Some of the Peace River gang, Paul and Shawn with their wives, dig into the dinner.
 Summer on the left, Gail, Lynn the Groom and his cousin Leigh-Ann with Don to the right side of the pic.
 Blair was a blur all evening, seen here kidding with his friends.  Brian Badge in the pale blue shirt is one of his oldest buddies.
 Blair and Lawrence help to keep their old man standing.
 A nice photo of Gail during a quiet time.
 Angela’s mother Betty Nolan and her
soul mate John Hutchings
 Angela on the right gets it down with her sister Andrea.
Family Time
The opportunities to get together with our extended family are rare, so we had more to celebrate than sharing the happiness of our Son Blair finding his Bride. We all got to be together for a few days.
On the left, Paul and Tracy stock up with a variety of liquids for the 3 day affair. In the centre, it only took me three days to convince Colton that I was worthy of his attention. And on a beautiful day in wine country, Gail and daughter Tracy smile prettily for the camera.
The star of the affair, Colton enjoys the sun with Mom Leigh-Ann
beside the Resort pool.
 Grandson Forest, our Son Lawrence and Daughter in Law Summer enjoy the surroundings
 My Sister in Law Lynn meets Daughter in Law Summer for the first time in years.
Lynn and her husband Don Porter get to chat for a while with my Grandson Forest Smith.
The scene shortly after a great meal had been served and before the dancing had started. Loud and noisy but full of friendly chatter.
In the elevator on the way to the reception, Gail smooches with her son Lawrence while Forest and I gird ourselves for the evening.
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