Australia and Maui

Our most common destinations are our trips to Maui every March and to Australia to visit our daughter Tracy and husband Paul

Australia 2006
Maui 2013
Australia 2008
Australia 2010
Australia 2014
New Zealand 2011
Maui 2005, 2006 and early years

The Mediterranean

We have cruised the Meddy from Spain to Turkey, visited Greece and the Greek Islands, Minorca, Italy, Dubrovnik, Corfu, French Riviera, Malta, Portugal.

Greece and the Greek Islands, Turkey 1997
Dubrovnik, Rome, Corfu, Malta, Sicily, Minorca 2003
French Riviera, Italy, Capri, Sicily, Greece, Turkey 2007
Spain and Portugal, Gibraltar  2014
Aruba, Columbia, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Mexico 2000
A week in Cancun 2003

North America

Caribbean, Aruba, South America, Mexico, Cancun, Canadian Rockies, Alaska Cruises

Alaska Cruise 2013
Alaska Cruise Review
The Canadian Rockies, BC and Banff 2006

Europe and the UK

England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Repulic

Norway Fjords, Dover, The Victory in Portsmouth 2014
River Cruise Europe, Amsterdam to Prague 2012
Another trip to the Isle of Man 2009
We drive around Ireland, north and south 2009
A week on the Isle of Man 2004
A drive through northern England and Scotland 2004
A drive through France and Belgium 2002
The Norwegian Fjords 2002
England, Kent County, Home of the Bentleys 1997
Alaska Cruise 2015
Return to Jim Smith’s Stuff
Voyage of the Vikings -2018