River Cruise - Europe - August 2012

We finally embarked on the long awaited River Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. We spent 3 days in Prague at the end of the cruise. We met up with Tracy and Paul on the ship just before sailing. There were 190 passengers aboard this brand new river ship which is over 450 feet in length, has three decks of passengers along with a restaurant and large lounge area. We were to traverse through five countries and over 1,500 kilometres of river. In addition, we were to pass through more than 26 locks while crossing from the Rhine to the Danube River. There were scheduled stops in 16 towns and cities.

A lock accident upset our schedule and we did not get to enjoy the cruise as much as we might have. On the positive side, the cruising part was truly beautiful, the Rhine in particular. A steady stream of castles and forts and vineyards and small villages and towns provide an endless supply of varying scenery. The rivers are marked by the kilometre along the banks so one can easily identify your location. The small towns were a delight. One usually pulled in and docked within metres of the town centre. One could walk off the ship, have a coffee, see the sights, walk back on the ship. Unfortunately, we only were able to enjoy this aspect on a few occasions because of the accident

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